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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brothers at War

The second in the Mughal Series by Alex Rutherford.
This story is about the second Mughal ruler- Humayun who ascended the throne after Babur's death. The story of Humayun is tragic and full of troubles. He spent most of his life in striving to gain back the kingdom he lost within a short span of ascending the throne. Babar was tough. In contrast Humayun was quite a softie. He forgave his treacherous half brothers many times before finally punishing them, not with death even then. he was whimsical and a dreamer- had great faith in the planets and their influence over human fate.
These traits were also a cause for his downfall- he lost the entire kingdom of Hindustan and was forced to retreat upto Persia.
Humayun's marriage, the birth of Akbar happened during his retreat and these factors propelled him into winning back his kingdom. Sadly, after a reign of 6 months, he died leaving the 13 year old Akbar to ascend the throne.

The story is fast paced and full of battle details. Whereas Raiders from the North was more colorful, Brothers at War is more like a war memoir. All the more difficult for the author to make it a compelling read- which it is.
Khanzada's character has blossomed in this book- she plays a major advisory role in Humayun's life and emerges as a strong Mughal woman.
But all said and done, despite his limitations and troubles, Humayun managed to achieve the 2 important promises that he had made in his lifetime- make his wife Mallika- e - Hindustan and win back Hindustan for Akbar (Aren't they 2 parts of the same promise anyway?)


artnavy said...

i am reading this currently!!

Devasena Hariharan said...

Sweet girl Itchy! Wont dont you lend it to me.. sounds interesting..