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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Junk Food

The current paranoia of the kids is "junk food".
So I should not be giving any junk food to school- which I never do anyway but they have gone a step further and defined what are junk food and when should junk food be eaten.

Fruits are not junk food.
Chips, Kurkure, Biscuits are junk food.
Noodles is junk food.
Popcorn is not.
Junk food should be eaten at home, not in school.
Mixture is not junk food - this one from Ojas the mixture freak
Bread Jam is not junk food.
Cake is (not) junk food- Ojas says it is and Tejas says it is not. No prizes for guessing who favours cake.
And the best bit-
they have politely told the hostess of a birthday party-
I will have only juice.
I will take only one chips- this is junk food
Cake is junk food.
I have had milk at home so I will not eat.


Forever mother said...

Oh my God, this is too cute. Hahahaha.

Hmm.. but gets me thinking, I better be careful about what i put on the plate at my son's upcoming B'day party.

I'd be red in the face if his friends came and pointed out these errors!!!

Anonymous said...

I can truly relate to this. That's how I define junk food as & when I my husband...hahaha