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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Q & A

Rather only Questions.
Some absurd or funny questions that I have been asked

Girl, after successfully banging her car into mine from behind- But why did you stop your car?
Me- Err, because there was a car right in front of me taking a u-turn

ISO person when I explained how we pitch for competition's business-Why do you want to take competition's business
Me- Why shouldn't be?

Tejas- when I read the word "us" - U S kyon nahin bola, us kyon bola

On that note, I am reading Q& A by Vikas Swarup- quite interesting and fun.


Anonymous said...

Haha...'there was a car in front of me taking a U-turn' :D Q & A? This is the same book na which inspired Slumdog Millionaire? Do tell us how's the book.

Itchingtowrite said...

Ajay- Q& A was god - i really enjoyed it