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Friday, July 02, 2010


I secrety think that the new arrangement of different sections seem to be helping Ojas & Tejas blossom in different ways. But outwardly, I would still want to stomp my feet and say put my babies in the same section.
Especially when the teachers standing at the gate to welcome "their" students completely ignore one of the siblings in saying Good morning. The kids are not used to such difference coming from people. It gladdened my heart when Tejas' teacher asked - what is your brother's name when she found Ojas looking expectatingly towards her whenever she wished Tejas good morning- and more so because Ojas' teacher is a little soft spoken.
Anyway, the kids have been made monitors- Tejas is supplies monitor and I almost laughed out aloud when the teacher said seriously- pretty important role!
Ojas is "book read" monitor and I am guessing from what he described that he is supposed to read out the letter of the day or something.

On the other hand, they are going through another phase which pains me a lot- 4 friends have formed 2 different groups and Ojas & Tejas are in opposite groups- short of taking sides myself and quarreling from either side, I have been doing all that it takes to get them back together again when they are out in the complex play area. I coax them, cajole them and tell them when anyone (meaning your party person) says Tejas is a good boy, then Tejas should say- Ojas is also a good boy.
I have told them Ojas & Tejas are friends first then other people are your friends. (Meanie me)
The only thing that is left is to take them home everytime they break into groups!
Update- just this morning, Ojas got all protective- why did you hit Tejas- said he to another boy!


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