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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Home Makeover Series- Going on Record

After the Warli painting was done, my fingers were itching to do something else. From the time we bought this house, I had been wanting to do a nameplate but somehow, no style seemed good enough or unique enough or cheap enough.

As I was thinking over and over, I thought about punning on the word Name- Plate and paint on a plate. But then I thought it would be difficult to punch a hole and mount it on a wall.

Therefore I needed something with a ready made provision for hanging.

I unearthed an old scratched up LP record and this is what I did with it

I first painted the LP with the left over gold paint. 2 coats were needed. I waited for it to dry completely and stuck pictures of all four of us and painted our names with black acrylic paint.

Cool isn't it? (and cheap also!)

(Note- The original image has been modified using paint - the original obviously has our names on it!)


artnavy said...

loved the title of the post- so apt and pun-ny

Shankari said...

Is the record on the wall? If it did you paint the wall that way?

Itchingtowrite said...

hi Shankari-
check out the old post- hubby just splashed paints on the walls to create that look
The record is on that wall. off course now this wall has been painted over so it sno longer colorful that way!