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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Got 10 after 10

nahin 10 because 10 - is what my brother said when he was younger. He couldn't remember that he was supposed to say 10 on 10 or 10 out of 10.

Not Only Paired conjunctions But also adverbials were my pet exercise in school days. Go to the links to check them out.

But however, this post is not about that but about infuriating words in Hindi and integrating English / Urdu words into Hindi and then using them wrongly- my last contribution to Red Marker Blogathon for June 2010.

होएगा- (hoega) - word does not exist- you call it होगा as in hoga tumse pyara kaun!!

सबसे best - It's fine to integrate English words into Hindi but how can one attach a superlative to a word that is already in superlative. Remove the sabse word before best because sabse means maximum like Aaj tak- Sabse Tez

You are fooling yourself if you are not calling it फूल (phool) but fool . And it is not fir but Phir (फिर) - people often confuse between ph or f sound- Tip- Look at Bollywood movie titles to get a hint of the correct pronunciation - Phool Bane Angare, Phir Milenge

अगर वो तुमको तंग करे तो उसका मम्मी को बोल दो। (Agar vo tumko tang kare to uska mummy ko bol do) - Not uska but Uski (उसकी)- The Ka and Ki confusion in Hindi is a major one for most people - The gender of the person or item about who we are talking is the one that takes precedence- So uski mummy and uska Daddy, irrespective of whether we are talking of son's mom or daughters dad. (or uske Daddy if you want to attach respect to the Dad not the son or the daughter)

Sakool / Iskool jaa rahe ho beta? Are you going to School?- Many of us have been asked this question- depending upon whether the question came from a Punjabi or a Bihari!

And one funny confusion that my kids have- kal ( कल) means both yesterday and tomorrow and when my kids translate what they spoke in Hindi into english for their Dad, I find them debating between the two of them whether they meant yeasterday or tomorrow before finally translating for their Dad!


Timepass said...

reminds me of my hindi teacher in mumbai..
she used to say 'istri shiksha bahut zaroori hai'... matlab.. stri shiksha..

Sue said...

Last? :(

You've been the life and soul of RMB, Itchy.

It felt so weird to come to Cal and hear people say "f" for "ph" and the other way round. I've been corrupted too and I catch my parents wincing when I do it.

eve's lungs said...

Hey Itchy - I picked up hoyega in Lucknow and its stayed with me - is it from a dialect do you think ? People from UP use this word

Itchingtowrite said...

TP- LOL!!! ironing def very important!!
Sue- my pleasure!!! (last post for this JUne RMB only .
Evie- I thought this was bombay thing? i found some bombayites speak like this??

GettingThereNow said...

Behenaaa!! I cringe when people say "f" for "ph" while speaking Hindi. Many singers do it too :( I recently explained to an American colleague that Hindi does not have the "f" sound - only "ph". But he couldn't understand it because English does not have a "ph" sound :((

I think I'll do a post on what I find cute in the way S speaks Hindi :D

Itchingtowrite said...

GTN- LOL!!m but F sound is there. maybe in words borrowed from urdu- afsana, fankaar.... ??? firangi!!! aflatoon