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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Name is Ms Red Marker Blogathon-3

And that gets my goat- big time.
Hello, I am Mr XYZ speaking, how are you ABC?
Wrong wrong, take that red marker out.
It is extremely inappropriate and arrogant to prefix a Mr or Ms or Dr when you introduce yourself or your spouse. You need to just use the first name while introducing the spouse unless you want to emphasise the different surnames incase the lady has not changed her surname after marriage.
But while introducing others, one must always prefix the title- Mr/ Ms/ Dr/ Other Titles.

While we are at it, I need to know how one indicates one's gender in emails. Especially in cross country official emails, I often wonder- is this person a male or a female? In most cases I use gender neutral sentences in the email then!
A colleague used to indicate (Ms) after her name in her email signature-
Efg Hij (Ms)
Perhaps this is a good way of indicating gender without sounding arrogant by signing oneself as Ms Efg Hij?

1 comment:

Sue said...

Link your posts to, please, Itchy.

You're right on never using the title when introducing oneself, that is what I was taught too. I use titles in introductions in very formal occasions only, such as when introducing elders, clients, professors etc.

I don't bother about maiden surnames vs marital surnames because I haven't yet met somebody who had a major problem with being addressed by the marital surname. Usually they smile nicely and correct me if I'm wrong.