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Monday, June 14, 2010

When Shue Came

Sue was here in the weekend and we decided to meet at my place.
I spend a day preparing the kids, telling them about the new friend who was going to come.
Me- His name is R
(Incidentally the other set of twins in my building are called R & S)
Ojas- what about S?
Me- no only R is coming
Ojas-Lekin uska S kahan hai? (But where is his (sister) S?)
Me- About time Sue About time!

I did a cheat menu- meaning either assemble stuff or have stuff which are easy to cook. And did lots of preparatory work- made lists - to buy, to make tomorrow, to make today type of lists. And I must say the lists helped (and off course I forgot to carry the list with me when I went out to shop)
So the menu was balti chicken, chicken roast, chole (which according to me is a wonderful cheat dish- easy and quick to make), raita- which according to me is even easier than cutting loads of salad, parathas (and very cleverly I let Sue make the parathas which I rolled out) and brownies and the famous assembled fruit salad with brownies and icecream.

As V, R & S trio walked in, and before I forget, I must add that the short crop really suits her, r gathered all the 4 new dinosaur toys and Ojas began to sulk as a result.
So this is what R explained- I have taken all the dinosaurs as these dinosaurs may bite Ojas Tejas!

Naturally we expected that V & K will bond instantly and so will R, O & T. It took a while before conversation began to flow and the kids began to laugh and chase and share toys and at one point, I said to Sue- psst psst.. we two are unable to get a word in now....
So much so, it became tough to get one picture of her and me together!

Lunch was easy peasy because the kids were given their own low table with a bed sheet to cover the carpet.
R held the paratha against his face much to our amusement - we assumed he was copying O & T as they often bite bits of paratha from the centre and pretend that the paratha is a camera. But V & S were not so amused.
Turned out that R said to O & T- I just wiped my face with the paratha- now you also do that.
There was also a general community chewing of the chicken bones with the bone moving back and forth from one plate to the other.
The kids finished their lunch in record time and so Sue said- Tejas first, Ojas second and R third.
Tejas - no, Ojas also first
Sue- ok, Tejas 1st, Ojas 1st & R 2nd
O & T- he he, R is second R is second.

And so it was time to leave and we dropped the trio back and went up to say hello to Sue's parents. Turns out that the Sue's Dad was the husband's client in his previous company! Small world eh!! And off course the kids had a good time getting the grandtour of the place by R and appropriating his toys this time!
Somehow, it already makes me sad that after her parents move from here, she wouldn't be having a valid excuse to come down to Chennai!


Sue said...

Gosh, Itchy. Now I want to do it all over again. The kids did have fun, didn't they? Lunch was fantastic and don't you dare try to downplay it. You forgot to mention dessert, by the way. :D

Itchingtowrite said...

I did mention desserts
me too want to do it again! it was fun chatting away