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Monday, June 07, 2010

Sr Kg

The school reopens today and with much fanfare we left this morning, ready on time. This day was much awaited atleast by Ojas as the entire summer vacation he has been asking- night mein so ke, morning hoke, school jaenge?
And I would answer no, the holidays are going on.
And Ojas would get frustrated- kitna holiday hoga?
So this morning as I had done on many other days during the holidays, I gave them the talk- trying to prepare them for the inevitable- separate sections.
They protested vehemently. They could not accept the fact that they would go in separate sections or for that matter they would be going to a different class.
With bated breath I studied the list. I spotted Ojas' name in one list and inspite of scanning twice the 6 different lists, I could not find Tejas' name. Relieved I thought I will slip them inside the same section saying I suppose they have missed his name. But then, in my attempt to be doubly rather trebly sure, I scanned the list again and with a heavy heart I realized they are indeed in separate sections. Though I knew this is a planned move by the teachers as per their suggestion during the last PTA, I still had hopes that they would feel sorry and put the two in the same section.
As we walked towards the classes, Tejas balked. I had to drag him towards the class. Ojas firmly asked me to leave- tum jao and left my hand and walked confidently to Jr Kg class. I dragged him away but not before he noticed that the teacher in the Jr Kg class was not the one he was so familiar with.
We stopped in front of Tejas' class and he refused to enter.
So we walked up to Ojas' class who refused to enter without Tejas (probably he suspected I would take him home with me leaving Ojas back in school). I walked inside the class with Ojas, pointed a few toys and random friends and walked out.
Now this moment is the most heart rending moment for a mother- once, twice, every time it happens- to tear oneself away from the screaming child without a backward glance.
I dragged Tejas to his class, scooped him in my arms and walked in with him. The teacher asked him to spot his friends. A boy sitting inside gave a sweet smile and beckoned. Tejas immediately walked towards him forgetting Mamma (Nirmohi kahin kaa).
Yet again, I walked out without a backward glance to buy uniforms.
As I finished emptying my purse in exchange of uniforms- the maa kaa dil fir jaaga.
behaving like the typical annoying parent, I walked up to peep into both classes and found the boys not crying.
Reassured I drove back - back in my element cursing random autowallahs and bikes, with absolutely no time to delve on my personal sorrow of separating the duo in class- even though it is just for 3 hours- How could I agree to separate them in school?


Phoenixritu said...

Awww parenting really breaks ones heart ... it truly does

dipali said...

It's a huge milestone for your boys. I hope they remain cheerful.

Prarich said...

Sweet little babies will manage well!

Anonymous said...

why is one child in Jr Kg other one is in Sr Kg

Itchingtowrite said...

Anon- both are in Sr Kg. Ojas walked up to his junior kg class thinking he has to go in the same class as last yearsthanks Phoenix, dipali, Mausi- they are already adjusted!

Krishnapriyacr said...

Hi itchy..its been a long time since I delurked, been a bit busy with things! I think it is amazing that the kids are able to be without each other in class. Just for my interest, why did you decide to seperate them in school? My twins are currently going to the same class (there is only one section for every year here!), and I keep wondering if they stick to each other or go out and play with other kids...well, the teachers say that they are not together all the time, am reasonably happy with that!!

Itchingtowrite said...

Hi Krishna- how are things with u? Their teacher suggested that it would be a good idea to try putting them into separate sections. Though the last 2 years the teachers ensured that they sit far away from each other - yet they would connect by talking loudly. The teachers just decided that we should allow both of them to blossom separately rather than be dependent on each other. Unintentionally people start benchmarking them against each other so perhaps it is a good idea to put them in separate sections in hindsight. I woud have eventually put them in separate classes but I did not expect it to happen so soon