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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A 5 Minute Date

Is sometimes enough to rejuvenate. Even if it happens for the wrong reasons.
The husband calls me up as I am sitting in office- is my wallet in your bag?
Without even checking I know it is there. And of course he behaves that it is all my fault that his wallet is in my handbag.
He drives to my office to pick his wallet up and I try hard to coax him - since he is here already and it is nearly lunch time, he might as well take me for a date.
But no. Mr Conscientious Worker has to get back to work.
However we sit for 5 minutes in his car, 5 whole minutes of solitude, no disturbances, bitching about common foes like autowallahs, motorcyclists who scratched my car (yes, yet again, just a week after body work and servicing) and of course the can we not!
It was perfect. Just perfect.
And a colleague spotted us and asked- was it like old days, sitting in the car together.
I said - no, the car was smaller.
But the affection was bigger and today, as the car gets bigger....
I laugh it away, filling in- the affection is still as big, but probably towards the car!!


Phoenixritu said...

This was really sweet

R's Mom said...

Such stolen moments are the best :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

Oh so romantic!

Anonymous said...

i, guess, affection gets distributed among the broader ecosystem. Consequently, the per capita affection goes down!!!

Ah well on the flip the season stacks up...males resemble more and more out of M&B books and avg girls resemble the mirror image of Angelina Jolie!! Blame it on age!!!

dipali said...

Lovely vignette, Itchy!