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Friday, June 25, 2010

Saaa... Paaaa.... Neeee

The kids started Carnatic Classes on Monday.
The teacher comes home to teach.
As usual the kids took a while to warm up to the idea of a music class - rather a class at home.
As the teacher sat with the kids right in front of her I quietly faded into our room to give them privacy and freedom but stood behind my french door and felt totally royal- the ladies of the royal household watching court proceedings from behind the jharokha!

Ojas- This is my new TV, and this wall has new paint- don't touch. This is my dinosaur.
Teacher- ok, keep your dinosaur away- we will talk after me finish class
Ojas- this is not class- this is my house
Teacher- ok, next half an hour this is going to be class.

Yes, it was funny but it was also kind of scary for me- I was afraid the class will fold up the day it started.

After this initial talk the kids started singing. The teacher started with the sargam and the various combinations. I almost rejoiced as Ojas' voice rang out clear and Tejas' soft yet audible. I could for the first time appreciate the difference between the treatment of the sargam in Carnatic and Hindustani.
As the teacher sang various combinations she came to Pa...Neee
As if on cue, Ojas and Tejas got up and ran to the kitchen saying - I want water!
Refreshed after the break the teacher started a Krishna bhajan.
So far so good. Fingers crossed for the forthcoming classes! Wish us well!


Praveen said...

One regret I will always have is not having learnt music. And starting as young as your kids, is definitely wonderful.

Another benefit I hear is that ones who learn classical music early turn out to be good in Mathematics...might be a fad, just shared :)

Btw this blog is very interesting if you are into music.

Forever mother said...

Wow, You're getting them to learn music at four! Hats off to you. Anyways, it's great when they start off young. Because by the time they get to about 10, their friends convince them it's unfashionable or they have to quit to "concentrate on studies".

I'm still gloating that my li'l one apparently sat through most of a flute-violin recital recently (grandpa's experiment).

I guess it's plain reassuring to see them appreciate some classical music.
Forever Mother

How do we know said...

hey.. all the best!!

The Kid said...

oh Awesome! Good that you started early.

Unfortunately all boys have to go through some tough times when their voice breaks.


dipali said...

I can just imagine them! Can you record them and post a Youtube version?