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Friday, September 19, 2008

Theatre Lessons

1. No. You do not start the movie a few minutes before the schedule.
2. And you most certainly don't imagine that a lady with a struggling kid on one hand and a bag of kiddy stuff on the other arm does not deserve to be escorted to her seat with a flashlight to prevent kid and lady from almost stumbling over the uneven floor.
3. Intermission does not mean that the screen should go blank without warning probably when the actor is in mid-sentence. Someone like the lady in (2) above will imagine that the current supply has ditched.
4. Intermission duration cannot so long that you need to take several rounds of snacks to fill the time or so short that you hardly walk out from the theatre that you need to stumble back in the darkness.
5. There is something called the right volume.
6. There is something called right level of aircon. Don't imagine if you start with frigid levels of cooling and suddenly switch off the aircon, nobody will notice because they will be too engrossed in the movie.


Monika,Ansh said...

lol.........bad experience huh

Anonymous said...

OMG, which theatre is this? You should put the name in bold letters so that they behave

Artnavy said...

this is mayajaal is it not??

How do we know said...

Oh wow!! Yes, agree agree.. and i will put the name of the theater too.. in Delhi... PVR and DT Cinemas both, though PVR guys seem to think they are the Jet Airways of the theater world, which, imho, is a surefire way for the owner to land in financial trouble - soon.

These guys shld go thru a mandatory trng on a simple thing called Human Courtesy.

Cuckoo said...

Oh and there is something called centre of the screen. The movie should not be projected so low that the ones who have paid the priciest tickets sink their heads onto their chins.

Your experience sounds terrible. Write to 'The Hindu' or something if you have a coupla minutes to do that.

Mama - Mia said...

ouch!! thats terrible!!

keep experiencing this in bits and pieces here too! Mianly aircon!! its just terrible!!

great post!!



Indian Home Maker said...

Yes, I have experienced this too. And it is most annoying.

Fuzzylogic said...

Good god!that sounds like a bad movie experience and for the greater good you ought to put the name Itchy:)
A big hi by the way!Yep,me back in blogsphere:)Gosh the twins look so grown up!!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged, please check my blog

chandni said...

what sort of loonies run that place!!??

Itchingtowrite said...

bang on - mayajaal
phoeninx- will take up surely