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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flying Cockroach takes the Teeth away

One day Ojas & Tejas were crying loudly, with their mouths wide open like an "O". Flying Cockroach (FC) was sitting on the window and watching. He said to himself, wow, Ojas and Tejas have got such cute teeth, I want to take them. So he came flying - buzzz and stood near Ojas. Ojas was busy crying with his mouth open....Baaaaaaa......He went inside his mouth and "snap" took one tooth from his mouth and flew away. Then he went to Tejas. Tejas was also busy crying with his mouth open.....Uaaaaaaaa...... FC went inside his mouth and "snap" took a tooth from Tejas also.
Ojas and Tejas went running to Mamma- FC took out tooth away. So Mamma went to the window. There she, Ojas & Tejas saw that FC was jumping and laughing- hee hee hee hee I took 2 teeth, I took 2 teeth. You cry some more with your mouths open and I will take more teeth...Heee heee heee.
So Mamma told Ojas & Tejas that FC took their teeth because they were crying. So Ojas and Tejas told we will not cry again.
So Mamma (clever Mamma) told FC - go and get 2 boxes to keep the teeth. One to keep Ojas' tooth and another to keep Tejas' tooth. So FC gave the two teeth to Mamma to hold while he went to get the boxes- 'hold Ojas tooth in the left hand and Tejas tooth in the right hand. I will get 2 boxes and come."
As soon as FC flew away to get the boxes, Mamma quickly put the tooth in left hand in Ojas mouth and the tooth on the right hand in Tejas' mouth.
Now FC came back flying with 2 boxes and asked Mamma- where are the teeth?
Mamma said - go, go, Ojas and Tejas will not cry now. You cannot get their teeth now.
So FC started crying- oooo ooo oooo
And Ojas and Tejas started jumping hee hee hee hee.
MORAL OF THE STORY- Cry with the mouth closed with your hand!
FC is copywrited for whatever it's worth. Sure, you can use it for scaring your kids but giving credit where it's due- to the FC who gave his life for this series to be born.


Anonymous said...

Lady, you have a bright future as a yarn spinner and very smart of you to copywrite FC :)

How do we know said...

ow man!! This is soooo nice!! One day, u shld write the FC series a la Harry Potter... serious!!

Mama - Mia said...


we look forward to an entire series of FC stories! and thanx for the change in copy right where other mommies can use it to scare their kids! :)

way to go ITW! this is super stuff!



Devasena Hariharan said...

WHopper,Dopper Tale !!!!! -:)

Fuzzylogic said...

Very neat!Yay for the FC mascot:)

Minka said...

sure, I am telling FC tales ending with "Copyright Itchy 2008". We need a logo for FC posts. And he needs a name na ?

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks ladies
any suggestions welcome for the names for FC!!
sometimes i use cocku cockroach!!