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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cycle Quiz

Ojas was being naughty. He threw a toy across.
Mamma decided to teach him a lesson and lifted his cycle up and asked , "shall I throw your cycle away?"
Ojas had a look that meant puzzlement and defiance which changed to "I am not bothered"
Guess why?
Mamma equally or more puzzled lifted the cycle again and asked him- shall I throw your cycle?
A tiny whimpering sound came from somewhere. It was Tejas beginning to protest.
Now can you guess why?
Because Mamma had picked up Tejas' cycle instead of Ojas' and therefore Ojas was not concerned.


Tejas- to Mamma who is sleeping in between Ojas & Tejas and has turned towards Ojas - I want to sleep near Ojas - that said he proceeds to wriggle in between the no-man's -land between Ojas & Mamma

Ojas- is positively annoyed at this invasion

Mamma- Tejas, you want to sleep next to Ojas, Mamma also wants to sleep next to Ojas- proceeds to cross to the other side and sleep next to Ojas.

Tejas- crying- no, Mamma paas... and frets until Mamma comes and sleeps in the middle - flat on the back.

So all this was drama to get Mamma sleep flat on her back.


Mamma once kept the pudding slices in a particular tiffin box. She did that again this weekend and Tejas was spotted roaming around with that box

Mamma- why are you carrying that box?

Tejas- Pudding khaenge!

Whenever the baking dish is taken out of the crockery rack- the comment- Happy to you is thrown across generally announcing that cake would be baked today.


Monika,Ansh said... sweet . :)

Anonymous said...

Can relate to the Mom in the middle on her back .... they are so competitive aren't they?

Monika said...

oh my god kids are so mart these days....

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yes, flat on my back...isn't that how we get into trouble in the first place?


DotThoughts said...

the cycle inicent is the funniest thing I have heard! oh! your double trouble!