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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rock On...

I can say the movie rocks, the guys were hot, uber kewl, the music or rather the frenzy or the idea of being in a "rock show" had me tapping my foot and swaying my shoulders and urging me to take the next step- get up and dance.
But no, it is not about the movie. It is about what I could identify with. A slice of my life, your life, our lives that I could see. A pattern I am getting resigned to.
Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Both get married. Then get on with the business of living.
Is that all to it?
We postpone our simple pleasures because we are working for the future. We get bigger and more successful and at one point of time, it ceases to matter to us when we get that big raise or promotion, or sign that huge contract...What scares me is that nobody wants to slow down. Everyone believes that if they stop for a moment or take a break, the organisation will fail in achieving targets.
We come home and are glued to our laptops or phones and hardly talk. Because there is only so much one can pack in a day. And so we prioritise. Pick up the seemingly non negotiable ones and move on.
Changing tracks, it is essential to have that something that gives you a rush of adrenalin, a goal to work towards, and the satisfied feeling that a hard day at work gives.
But aren't we in this process losing out on the fun? How many of us have a book or an idea or a rockstar within us waiting to flutter out?
How many of us are following our true calling? How many of us have yet discovered their true calling? Are we afraid to look for it? For fear of the unconventional?
We study buyer behaviour, we do consumer studies, spend loads of money in try to solve the conundrum of which product will hit it right with the consumers, but cannot invest our time and emotions in understanding our kids, spouses, family. On understanding what will make them happy, given the choice of a few moments of our time and a toy.
I cannot decide what to feel after the movie- elated, boisterous or sad.
I don't want anything extraordinary.
I want a plain and simple mehfil in the weekend evenings. Music, food, laughter, gossip and the quintessential gana- bajana.
Well, the closest to jamming of what I would have done were the impromptu antaksharis played during recess or back home from school or during wedding gatherings. We used to have dancing and singing sessions in our hostel - not restricted to just weekends. Ah the feel good factor!
Believe me dancing, singing and having fun is not just about age. It is attitude. In my previous company we were a gang who were just looking for an excuse to dance. We had coordinated dance moves- a signal, a shout or a word and the entire gang would be matching steps much to everyone's surprise. Sigh! it was fun. If nothing else, we lost a lot of calories doing. I miss that so much. I just want to dance. Wish we had a roudy, boisterous crowd to cheer and clap during the movie.
And wish my kids did not have to do 2 rounds of potty, 3 round of popcorn, potato chips, biscuits, and many rounds of water during the movie.
And yes that was a milestone I mentioned- being able to shit in a public toilet instead of asking- "Mamma, where's baby potty"- Tejas demanded his potty even before the intermission. They believe that while they can use the adult potty at home, it has to be the child seat anywhere other than their home.


Monika,Ansh said...

I feel so sad reading this post & it's all so true. Seems we all are running towards a goal & in the process missing out all the fun of the journey. :(

How do we know said...

Man!! Thats alot of feeling coming from watching a film. Glad u enjoyed it.

Mama - Mia said...


i have always felt people who KNOW what they want to do in life are the luckiest of the lot. who know and then have the guts to follow their dream. its not easy thats for sure.

i guess as we grow up life does become a little more jaded and you have to wonder where will the money to watch these kinda movies come from?! nahi?! because not everyone who follows his dreams is successful and/or happy! :)

congrats on the potty milestone!! :D



Anonymous said...

Every one has to conquer their enemies and win their kingdoms. Once that is done, one can reconnect to one's dreams and "Rock On". Its never too late

dipali said...

Great post, Itchy.
Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din.
Chalo,whenever we meet we must celebrate it with a good old fashioned antakshari:)
I used to love wedding sangeets before the DJs moved in!

Itchingtowrite said...

Monika- arre, arre, i did enjoy the movie yaar. its only that everything is alright in the end becoz its a movie but life?

How do we know- abs the movie rocks!

ma ma mia- and where do they make that kind of money- as depicted in the movies.
phoenix- and amen to that!

dipali- yes lets...

deepa said...

you were speaking to me itchy. For long now I have prayed( dorky haan?) for evenings of fun, laughter and FOOD with friends like you have described. Ain't happened yet but ain't giving up either:-) Everybody claims to be so damn busy thesedays. But, if you ever move to NJ you're invited.