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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I went to Bangalore and met my old friend- the one with whom I lived in the hostel in the beginning of my career. We have literally lived with each other's struggles (with weight and otherwise), disappointments, relationship, hopes, done random shopping & eating trips... she was the one who would ask me how my day was when I came back from work. It was her I would turn to when I wanted someone to pray for me, rather do some positive thinking exercise for me be it an important project or a bonus or whatever.
We got married within a space of a week and therefore never attended each other's wedding.
I called her 5 days after my c-sec to find out if I was the only one facing difficulties walking after a c-sec as everyone else told me they were zooming around right from the day after the c-sec.
I called her to rant my heart out during the PPD phase.
We lost touch for a while and reconnected recently and just started from where we had left- laughing, ranting, discussing husbands, siblings, common friends, and the now all important kids.
And we finally met after a gap of 5 years. I just walked in to her house- (gasp) empty handed-hugged each other, commented on each other's weight, plonked ourselves on her sofa, chatting away to our hearts' content.
Some things never change!


Artnavy said...

sounds wonderful... good friends stay that way

Cuckoo said...

"I'll be there for you".... sob sob. Old friends are like old slippers said someone. Very comfortable. Now please keep in touch with friend.

Mama - Mia said...

touchwood and amen ITW! :)



Anonymous said...

Such friends are rare - and last a lifetime. Sigh!!! Nostalgic about mine

Fuzzylogic said...

It's always a wonderful feeling to meet and catch up with old dear friends who have been through all the good and bad times. Cheers to you and your friend itchy!

Indian Home Maker said...

The amazing thing is you never feel you haven't met for so long! I recently got a call from a friend, I haven't heard from since 1997. Felt the same way :))

dipali said...

Yes, such friends are wonderful- with whom you are on such easy terms that even your kids look on in jaw-dropping awe!

Kodi's Mom said...

beautiful! such friends are rare, but you dont really have to hold on to them tight, they'll always be there regardless of time and space.