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Monday, November 05, 2007

Some New Beginnings

We have taken out their high chairs (again) and this weekend, the entire family sat down on the dining table for the meals. I am hoping this will create a positive influence on them towards meals. We gave them their plates, bowls and spoons and they had a good time taking helpings of fruit/ chicken etc. We bought them melamine cups for milk but one of them cracked when it was thrown from the high chair. Tejas said "Aur Chaahiye" when he wanted more.

Tejas said "Ot-is-thees?" (what is this) scolding Duggi.

They have almost forgotten how to place the jigsaw pieces correctly, though they know where each piece fit. Because of the books, we had not been doing the jigsaw for a few months. (miraculously, one of the jigsaw trays with animal photos and sounds is missing. The maid is being questioned)

We did the housekepping of the shoes and toys and have cleared the old ones.

We started the play do yesterday and both demanded that we make potatoes. Duggi almost swallowed some dough.

We also started the kit of picture book and chalks but need close supervision as they are breaking the chalks off.

They loved the new picture books that they have got. There is one page with the hospital theme. They love the injection act that I do for them..hopefully they will like it when I take them for their vaccinations next weekend!

We bought them new jeans and shorts from Lifestyle. Needed to change Ojas' diapers there and it was tough doing so without a diaper changing station. I had to ask the cleaning lady to help me out.

Latest words or illustrations learnt- curtain and plane goes zzzzzz, broken leg (Tutti), Doctor

They freaked out on laddoos yesterday

Tried training Duggi- Ojas was patiently standing holding out a toy and commanding Duggi - Jump

Another nickname- didn't I say I did not have a knack for nicks- Adisa-baba, which Tejas repeats as "A-baba"


Rohini said...

Changing diapers out of home in India is quite nightmarish, isn't it? I normally carry a plastic sheet in my diaper bad so that I can do the change anywhere..

Premalatha said...

//one of the jigsaw trays with animal photos and sounds is missing. The maid is being questioned)//

Have you thought about changing the maid?

Itchingtowrite said...

premlatha- just buying time, i will be taking a 15 day break and after that will change her. meanwhile looking for one..

Sue said...

I hate the way none of these big shops have kids rooms. They have kids' sections and play ares but no children's bathrooms or nursing/changing rooms.

Mothercare scores high for me on that count. I have been browsing there happily, since The Bhablet was 5 weeks old, because anything he needed I could provide for him there. Even the Brio guys upstairs used to provide the hot water needed to heat his milk/food!

Fuzzylogic said...

Picture book on hospitals and injections seems like a cool idea.
Diaper changing in malls with no changing stations can be a nightmare!