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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duggi in Trouble

Duggi has done the unpardonable... he has put his teeth on Tejas' penis. He loves eating shit and runs behind them the moment he smells it. In the confusion, he dug his teeth in the wrong place. It is full of scratches, has bled a little and completely swollen. The poor boy was highly uncomfortable and unable to willingly pass urine. Though this has not lessened his love for Duggi. This is the 2nd time he has done it. The 1st time he scratched his groin playfully and we escaped without any medication.
This time, we immediately washed with soap and water, applied dettol (as it is done in any wound) and took him to the doctor. The doctor said that while the dog is vaccinated and the kid has taken the TT vaccines on schedule, nothing to worry. But there may be a 1% chance of danger so it is up to the parents to put him on a Rabipur course.
Even if it is 0.1% chance, I am not taking the risk. There is no 2nd thoughts to it unless there is a chance of scary side effects of the injections- which there is not.
The course will take 1 month. Comprises of 5 injections- Day 0, Day 3, Day 7, Day 14 and Day 30, each costing Rs 300. He has to take medication for 2 days and there is an ointment to be applied.
Hubby says he will take Duggi to Pondicherry until he is a little older. I am reserving my comments for the moment. I have said enough about the wisdom of having a pup at home when the kids are not old enough to undertsand the responsibility and we do not have time to spare for the new member of the family. He needs his share of exercise, love, games - it is not just about feeding him on time and taking care of his toilet and bed. You have to give him the entire package and moreover you get attached to him in a very few days. If he is out of sight for even a few minutes the kids come running to us with a questionmark on their face and tears welling in their eyes- Duggi? They will miss him terribly but I am still quiet. If I say anything, the onus of everything is on me and I am saving my backside by keeping quiet.
A peek into Duggi's personal space will show you his few wordly possessions- 3 rubber rabbits, 1 Minny Mouse soft toy, Minny Mouse's red frock, a plastic toy- I seriously felt I am intruding by peeping there. It all looked so cute with Duggi sleeping on his back peacefully among his things, I felt sorry that he has to leave temporarily.
I don't want to get angry at BIL for gifting Duggi without taking my consent and debating the pros and cons with me. I want to get even. I want to gift him a cow or a buffalo on his birthday.

On a more happier note, Tejas has correctly spotted all the plus signs in various colours in malar Hospital- he ought to, after the number of visits he has made. He even picked the cross on Mother Teresa painting at the foot of the staircase.
He pointed correctly at the doctor, first aid kit, etc as read in his books.
He has also been correctly pointing out at all red cars as Mausi car, all black cars as Mummy car and any light to dark colour car that resembles a Honda City as Dadda Car and any blue car as Nana car.
They have picked up the maid language of saying "edo" instead of "this" or "ye" in Hindi. I have been trying to make them unlearn it all this while and finally yesterday Tejas pointed at things saying- 'Ye'.
I picked up another selection of board books - with colours, wild animals, foods, birds, fruits (the previous book has been missing so I got a new one)- all Alkas, Navneets, Vikas and Dreamland publications costing anything between Rs 20- 35. The Dreamland ones are really best of the lot in quality and sophisticated looking in colour combinations and print.


karmickids said...

Awwwwwww. Poor baby. It sounded really painful, and you are such a brave mommy...I would have collapsed.

Collection Of Stars said...

The poor boy. Is he better now? Your ability to see humor in this situtaion is amazing. And yes, do go ahead and present a cow or a buffalo to your BIL ;)

B o o said...

Thats terrible, Itchy! Dont guilt yourself. Childrens safety comes first. In my personal experience, either the children have to be older or the Dog has to be older to appreciate and be responsible for each other. And I understand your apprehension especially since its a gift. Give a kiss to Tejas from me. Hope he is ok soon. And I vote for the buffalo! ;)

artnavy said...

Oh oh. Tejas IS a brave boy!
how about an elephant for BIL? More mess to clean up. . yet adorable

vikas/ Navneet illustrations do look a little lack lusture

Timepass said...

Oh God, poor Tejas. BTW what was ur BIL's reaction on hearing that Duggi bit Tejas.

Kodi's Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear abt this is a tough call for you..hope Tejas gets thru the course painlessly...he does sound like a heck of a sport - spotting plus signs and all!

Hip Grandma said...

I do hope Tejas is fine.I think you are right-Duggi needs to be sent off on a long leave at least till the kids grow up a little more.

AA_Mom said...

Oh my god! that is scary. Two kids and poop is really the most stressful of situations. I can imagine that adding a pup to it, sounds like THE recipe for disaster.

Tejas does sound BRAVE and so do you.

Send Duggi over to your BIL to take care and then he will appreciate his gift and realize the responsibility involved in taking care of a dog :)

2B's mommy said...

Uh oh, hope Tejas is better now. It does sound scary and you have made the right decision to send Duggi away for a while.

A hug and kiss to Tejas from me.

The Kid said...

what is rabipur? there is not much info about it online.

I doubt if your dog has rabies. Highly unlikely because you have him since he was a new born... and duggi was vaccinated.

btw, Indian doctors are traditionally known to give over doses. So, please do extra research online or elsewhere... I heard that post-exposure anti rabies drugs have serious side effects.

Orchid said...

Aww itchy..that is tough! Hope Tejas feels better soon! and I say why not gift a pig to the BIL??

Fuzzylogic said...

OMG!poor little Tejas. My heart goes out to that poor guy. It must have been quite painful and he is really being such a brave little kid. I think when there is no other help to take care of the dog around perhaps it is good to take Duggi elsewhere until the kids grow up enough to take care of him themselves. Your BIL ought to have asked you and taken your consent before gifting Duggi for sure.
You are being pretty brave yourself ITW. I sure hope little Tejas feels better soon. Hugs to both of you!

La vida Loca said...

oh my god! oh my god!

Minka said...

Oh my !The lil boy is brave - I hope he gets better. And I think your husband is right ( although late !) about wanting to send Duggi away till he's older. I can understand how you feel about not wanting to vocalize your reservations about duggi as a gift. But all the same, I hope at least hubby understands that a dog needs time and space which is in short supply with working parents and an apartment.

Itchingtowrite said...

hi all
thanks for the concern and good wishes
tejas is doing fine except it hurts still when i put the ointment

duggi is still here becoz hubby cud not take him away- the kids were clinging on to him

Kid- we took a chance with teh vaccine- the doc usually does not recommend too many medicines... he asked us to take a call and we went for it

Lavs said...

Glad to hear that Tejas is doing fine. Hugs and kisses for him & Ojas.

Anonymous said...

Hi -Your poor, poor baby,hope he is all right. Are the injections making him feverish? Duggi will grow up soon, but you're right he needs a lot of love and attention as well.

I don't know if he's old enough to start training to avoid getting into this kind of trouble in the future. There are two very good trainers in Bombay Shirin and Junaid Merchant of Canines Can Care-who use a kindness based approach, and ban the use of whips, chains etc.
They have also trained labradors for the disabled.
This is the address I found for them on the web, I hope it is still in use-maybe they can recommend someone for where you are:
Shirin Dhabhar & Junaid Merchant
806, B Empire Mahal
Khodadad Circle, Dadar
Mumbai 400 014
06 B, Empire Mahal
Khodadad Circle
Mumbai 400 014.
Tel: 022 2414 8576.
Fax: 022 2414 8283
They also run a a magazine called "woof"
Sorry for the long comment.

Itchingtowrite said...

anon- thanks- will get in touch with them!

Gauri said...

Good Lord - Poor lil Tejas. Such a brave little guy. Hope he is better now. Reading this scared the daylights out of me.

choxbox said...

am a bit late here but wow youa re brave! hope tejas is okay now.

Sukla M C said...

(i remember by dog eating poop when my bro dod not flush, but im thinking of the times when i was a baby and tinku(1982-1996) was still a pup)

. . . .

well now mom has decided to name my new pup (a pit bull terrier) as Tinku (Tinku Jr). . . a pit bull born on Gandhi Jayanthi . . .

. . . .

Dettol on P****
i bet tejas would have been more traumatised by it
(several people have shared tales of their adventures with me)

. . . .

(i have asked for d ph. number of a trainer, will pass it on as soon as i get it)