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Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Without Nappy (Happier without Diaper???)

Chucked out the Nappy Pads during the nights since last week for Tejas and since last 3 nights for Ojas. I just need to wake up at around 2.30-3.00 am and get them do a round of susu and another one at 6.30-7.00 am. Now what does this tell you about us?
It tells us that-
  1. The hubby is snoring away happily through out this ordeal.
  2. The extra pack of nappy pads - (brand extra care- Rs 120 for 30 and a free nappy inside from Shanthi's), that I so thoughtfully purchased may not be used- touch wood!
  3. Yours truly is totally bleary eyed in office.
  4. Yours truly is tensed the entire night at the prospect of failure or missing the alarm.
  5. Yours truly is responsible for changing the alarms twice each night.
  6. There is a danger of yours truly missing her gym session in the morning if Tejas happens to stay awake after the 2nd round of susu break.
  7. It means that yours truly needs to be prepared with a milk bottle to administer before waking the kids up because - see point number 1 above
  8. It means that the bottle weaning cannot be completed for sometime now.
  9. It means that we are happy about doing our tiny bit for the environment
  10. It means that we feel good about letting the kids comfortable for the night

The weekend was hectic- Every 1 hour was timed to take the kids for susu- again no mean feat achieved by yours truly alone because the hubby was busy and the maid claims that she is unable to make Ojas& Tejas comply.

I have taken a set of prints of kids and cats sitting on the pot- both the adult and the kid size ones. Trying to motivate them to do their thing on their pot.

Deductions for the readers

1. All this is done in anticipation for the forthcoming holiday.

2. Because we are getting ready to put them in school

3. Because we sick off filthy shorts, dirty floor and piling laundry

4. Life is easier when the maids take their breaks if the kid is toilet trained

5. We don't want to spend on diapers- all the "foreign diapers- cheaper by the bulk" are exhausted.

6. We are fed up of returning home after every accident in the diaper or changing in the car or embarassing ourselves at every friend's place and carrying back the gift pack to put in a dustbin.


Poppins said...

I am so impressed that you are doing this? Are they potty trained during the day already?

Shobana said...


Lavs said...

You are such a super mom..hats off to you!