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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wicked Wicked- Tag

When she was good she was very very good
When she was bad, she was wicked

Listing 7 wonderfully satisfying wicked things that I have done so far and intending to pass this on as a tag.

1. Stayed on the right lane when a VIP motorcade was following. Did not switch to the left lane until I could hear the frantic blaring of "left, left" from their microphone and could see the first car nearing my bumper. And budging only after I had leisurely given the left signal for their convenience.

2. Stuffed hubby's wet towel into his cupboard after months of enduring it being left out on the bed.

3. In our PG hostel, we had an incoming only phone. This phone was via a private line and it was possible to get bills for local calls also. There were a set of girls who used to sit on the phone for hours together and when we complained, they asked the landlady to give them outgoing facility with lock and key provided to them. The number pad was locked with a plastic cover with a lock-key facility stuck on it using a 2-way tape. These girls used to make calls for hours together. 3 long suffering members- me included made many local calls to unknown numbers by just pulling out the locking pad and sticking it back. Another method was to just tap the buttons on the cradle - once for 1, twice for 2 and so on until the full number was dialled. Those blokes could never figure out who were making so many calls from their locked telephone.

4. I was house hunting- pre marriage days. There were a few cases where I made calls and they insisted they wanted vegetarians only/ brahmins only. The last straw was when the person on the other side told me extremely rudely that he did not entertain single/ non vegetarians / brahmins. I just told him equally rudely - "you are one asshole, do you know". That felt good. If he was so particular then why didn't he spend a few bucks and put that on the advertisement. In desperation, just a few days before my PG was closing down, I found a place and told the landlord that I eat but cannot cook non-veg. I am not sure whether he understood the truth behind it, but he gave it to me for rent anyway.

5. There was this girl who was trying to monopolize my then-not-yet-my-hubby when we were out on a college trip. My friend and I went and loudly told him when he was with his friends that this girl has the hots for him (in not so many words off-course as with my hubby's limited slang vocab, he would have thought she has a fever or something). That ensured that he was never seen in too much close proximity of her during the rest of the trip.

6. We were discussing how difficult it is to get a job with competition - that too in big or bigger ones. (Ours industry is heavily guarded when it comes to competitive intelligence so moving to competition is expected but not accepted very sportingly). I participated with my 2-bits and more and next day put in my papers for moving to competition.

7. Writing about all this and other wicked stuff knowing fully well that the persons concerned would not be reading it.

I am tagging ArtNavy, MadMomma, Usha, Hiphopgmom, Rohini, Fuzzy Logic and anyone who is game to do it. C'mon, burp it out!

One wicked thing you could do is it go here if you haven't already done it-

A more honourable thing would be to buy it from here


choxbox said...

LOL. interesting tag!

Anonymous said...

how are you so sure that person concerned is not reading this?

Itchingtowrite said...

anon- oh my God, which one are you?

Itchingtowrite said...

and anon- that was 1 wicked thing u already did..
u cud post the rest of it in the comment section or on your blog if u hav one

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Esp loved the VIP bit.. you should do it more often. :)


Joy said...

:) Hello Itching to write! This is anon. I just could not resist commenting when I read your #7. Nope I don't think we have met or if you have ever visited my blog. But you are most welcome to do so now. :) Nice read.

Shobana said...

Wicked!! I loved the VIP motorcade one. Do it more often. How many times, those VIPs tie up traffic ruining the day for the rest of us. Heeeheeheee.

Preethi said...

that was soo wicked and funny... loved reading it.. you do have a great space here... loved your previous post too.. my sentiments exactly!!

Minka said...

Ah ! good girls are good , bad girls are WAY better. I love VIP motorcades too !!! ooh and your strategy of fending women off your man is gooood too ! very subtle eh !

Sukla M C said...

there was this time, whenre i kept overtaking the VIP car and his convoy, much to their irritation
(PS: i made sure it was a VIP n not a VVIP, NOT INTRESTED IN GETTING SHOT)

the VIP had a good car,
but his security car, was way too old

Hip Grandma said...

Oh you wicked girl!will take up your tag soon.I am not in anyway less wicked as you shall see.