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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Factual Fiction- Happiness and the Other Side of It

Yes, I am happy for him that he is getting a chance to go abroad. I love to see him happy and excited about it.
A tiny green monster is beginning to rear its ugly head.

He will enjoy there and I am stuck back here with my routine. He will have fun with friends and relatives there while I am left out. He will shop, see places and me- zilch. And to top it all, it’s his birthday while he is there and they will wish him, hug him, party for him. Not me.
At least he could say he is sad to leave me alone. Atleast he could say that -wish I was coming with him and maybe next time I could join him.
I am happy for him but if he just said he is sad to go alone and annoyed about the continuous meetings he has to do, I would feel better.

Why does she think that I am enjoying all this?
Cruising through different time zones in short periods, back breaking journey, waiting at airports and battling my way through customs, marathon client meetings, food not to my taste, compulsory outings with relatives/ clients (can’t offend them, can I, I would rather relax and do my own thing).
I admit I love to travel and it is a break from routine. I love the heady feeling of success post every client meeting. But then, that’s all to it. Nothing more. I hardly visit places – neither the time nor the inclination to do it without her. But why can’t she understand? Do I need to specifically spell it out to her that I would rather be on a holiday with her than be doing this every now and then?


aargee said...

that was a sweet post. And I am sure, that's what is reality too :)

Orchid said...

i'd say both sides are true..but atleast u have the boys to keep u company :)

Kodi's Mom said...

welcome back, fiction fragments. enjoyed it a lot.
and good luck with the duo when he's gone.

rayshma said...

unspoken thoughts... women need d words... men don't understand why...
really liked this fiction fragment :)

DotMom said...

awwww. hugs. liked this a lot! I am sure both sides of the story are true..

Shobana said...

Good luck with the little ones...but I guess this is not what you want right now? I felt the same way, when B went to China for 2weeks and came back with some wonderful stories and photos to go with it. I didn't talk to him for a couple of days....mean me.

Itchingtowrite said...

this piece was written sometime back when he was travelling very often..
but things don't get better as he spends the week in pondy where the business is now

Minka said...

Yay ! for the long awaited fictional facts ( or factual fiction ! whatever !)

oooh !!! yes, I agree on both sides. But you know what , the meeting after the parting is always something to look forward to , huh ? But seriously , I took a trip alone to Kerala to attend a close friends wedding and it was the best break ever. So I don't grudge hubby his me-time alone on trips. It's really the only time he can indulge in his drinking and TV/movie watching . But you got to get some of your own me-time , girl !