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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dear Eshan (Tejas) & Aryamman (Ojas)

Wish you a very Happy 2nd Birthday. From 00.30 am I was replaying in my mind, what the 3 of us and your Dadda were doing at this time, exactly 2 years ago. Going to the hospital!
To tell you the truth, I did not expect that you would be out of my tummy in less than 5 hours. I wanted to wake up at 5.15 am and wish you both silently but never got round to waking up. I would have seen you for the first time only after 9 am and surprisingly Ojas, you woke up around that time today!
At 00.00 am we cut your mini birthday cake. This year you had the pleasure of doing it yourself- mauling the cake with the cutlery knife and feeding yourself with hands/ spoon and even directly into the mouth! It was a cute sight and a sign of growing up! Wanting to cut your own birthday cake!
Dadda took you both out for a drive by the beach. For the first time Tejas, you said bye and walked away with Dadda without throwing a tantrum for me to come. I can't say that I was elated about it!
This is the 2nd time I was alone in the house after you both were born. You were out for just around 20 minutes but I missed you both dreadfully the moment you had gone out. The home felt shallow without your presence.
The last 2 years have been a humbling experience.
I have realized that it is not easy to be patient with you both when you are throwing a tantrum yet if I lose my cool, the job gets tougher. Bringing you up has taught me that anger is not the route to a solution.
You have taught me that even if you are running absolutely short of time, there is still time to squeeze in for a goodbye hug and a kiss each, to take me throughout the day.
You have taught me to let go and also cling on. There are times when I have wanted to have you back safely within me so that you are completely protected from all illness and pains and other times I have left you in the hands of the caregivers even when you were ill.
I have lost patience with you and smacked you in the backside and the next moment I have regretted doing it.
I have been proud of your reading/ puzzle making abilities and overall communication methods and despaired at you not being potty trained or not weaning off the bottle and not eating well.

A friend of mine today wished me "Happy Anniversary" - on my 2 years of motherhood! Very touching- Thank you AD. True, every parent should celebrate the birth of their child(ren) as an anniversary of motherhood / fatherhood also!

You are 2 today and I have lot of exciting things to look forward for you the following year.

  • Foremost I want to look for a good school for you to take some time off away from we adults and enjoy the company of your age group.

  • I am looking forward for a 15 day break where we take you to your native place and I get to spend "quality and quantity" time with you. With my job, and the pressures of running the home, it becomes difficult to give you both as much attention as I would like to.

  • We will look at doing some swimming classes if time permits since you both love splashing in your private pool. I don't want you to grow up being mortally scared of water even after learning swimming.

  • Another 4 months and we will start training Duggi together if you both allow it to happen.

  • We will have more bookch to read from. We have to learn our colours yet. and more of nursery rhymes and songs

  • Post Diwali we will introduce you formally to writing via the ceremony.

  • We hope you will potty train yourself soon.

  • We hope you will move to self feeding partially atleast. This year I want to be creative with the foods and snacks I do for you.

Kissie, Hugs and Pyaar Karo!



Usha said...

Wishes to Ojas and Tejas for the best that life has to offer this year and in all years to come.
happy anniversary to you! :)

aargee said...

Wishes to Ojas and Tejas for a very very happy year , fun filled, healthy,happy life. "many many happy returns of the Day, Ojas & Tejas" - aargee aunty

How do we know said...

Happy Bud-day to your bundles of joy, and Happy Anniversary to you.

This is a lovely, heartwarming post!

Fuzzylogic said...

Happy birthday Eshan and Aryamman:)It felt nice knowing their real names and I love them. I think every birthday is such a milestone for us parents too to look back and reflect on how far we have come. You deserve to applaud yourself too mama!Indeed Happy anniversay ITW:)
Amen to all the hopes and wishes you have for them for the year to come and more!

The Artist said...

Happy b'day ojas and tejas. May God give you happiness all your life.

DotMom said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Ojas and Tejas
happy birthday to you!!!

And to you ITN for being a terrific mom!

Kodi's Mom said...

happy birthdy and happy birthday! to the riotous twins :) have a blast today and every day of this year!

Lavs said...

Happy birthday dear Ojas and Tejas. It seems only yesterday i read about your birth story and now you both are big boys. Good luck for many learnings ahead

Shobana said...

Happy b'day to you cutie pies. Hopw u had a great time.

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

Happy birthday to Ojas and Tejas! May God bless them with all the good things in life.

Minka said...

Wishing Ojas and Tejas a happy second birthday !!! Hope they had a lovely time

Itchingtowrite said...

thank you so much friends!!
very touching ..all of you coming and wishing!
the details of the b'day coming on the next post

2B's mommy said...

A very happy 2nd birthday to Ojas and Tejas. God bless you.

Collection Of Stars said...

Since I have already wished Ojas and Tejas (am glad their real names are not rhyming like mine and my sis) in your last post, here's wishing you a very happy anniversary.
True, motherhood is indeed a humbling experience and hope whatever you want for the next year comes true :)
And am glad, you guys had a great party and your tips will surely help people like me who have birthdays to arrange around the corner :)
I loved the names Eshan and Aryamman.

Tharini said...

Happy birthday, a day later, to dear Ojas and Tejas. And congrats to you and your husband, Itchy, for the remarkable hand you have in their growing. God bless your family.

prashan said...

happy birthday my dear nephews, sorry rithi anni I tried to reach you by skype and phone but you were probably busy and I have just discovered the function "post comment" that's why I wish so late...

anyway thanks to your blog I learn about the twins every day and your posts are really very funny and let me improve my english too !

big kiss to kids, you and sinna anna

bye bye