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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pending Homeworks- Tags to do- Secrets Revealed

Tagged by SM
9 things you didn’t know about me
1. I used to be scared of toilets when I was young- still am scared of the toilet in the trains- I use it only if I am desperate
2. I am a compulsive snack freak. I eat more snacks like chips, biscuits, cake, fruit, chocolate etc than regular food- forced to stop due to gym/ dietician restriction
3. I have learned Kathak dance for 6 years but still I am not graceful enough
4. My deep unfinished desire is learning singing. Till date I have left courses unfinished due to compelling reasons- class 10 studies on one count and pregnancy on the second. Now I wish to live my dream through my kids and give them an early start. Any info on a good Hindustani Classical teacher would be welcome
5. I learned driving when I was in class 6 but still don’t drive expertly as I never drove in traffic until 2 years ago
6. I hate waiting or keeping others waiting
7. I am distance–metrically challenged. I calculate distance in time taken for travel - I multiply it with average speed of 60 km/hour to obtain approximate distance
8. I can sleep at the drop of a hat. I catch up on my sleep en-route client visit/ flight.
9. I am a stickler for deadlines- I like to complete stuff a few days before it.

I tag anyone who would like to take it up


The Visitor said...

Why not carnatic music - Chennai abounds with teachers for carnatic music.

Just like that said...

Hey there are some similarities- Tho' I can really zzzzip along on my Kiny, am totally diffident on doing that with the car.

Am with you on 7 too! It takes me 8 hrs to reach my hometown, 12 hrs to Chn, 6 hrs to Chennai, 5 hrs to Tirupati....but km leave me stumped.
But WOW!! Kathak!!!!!

Noodlehead said...

hey!! i'm with you on 1, 6, and 7 :)