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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ojas & Tejas- Update

Mobile phone- Tejas sees us take our mobile when we go out, he copies us by taking the old, disconnected receiver of a landline phone along with him.

New Words- Mummy with a nice yuppie accent (Maa meeee), truck – Kuckk, joose, cat, nana, nani, mama, maabi (mausi), paapi (paati)

Nature Talk- Tejas pointed at the clouds last evening. I explained it is a white cloud in the blue sky. As we were driving by, he pointed at the clouds saying coud

Jealousy- We went to see the neighbour’s twins. She was crawling when I picked her up. Tejas in a fit of jealousy began to crawl on the carpet.

Their friend circle is getting bigger. The kids come home to check whether they are coming out for their walk. Yesterday Priya, the neighbour was speaking to them when her friends called her back. She went off and Ojas & Tejas started screaming Priya Priya – just like how her friends had done.

Ownership- They don’t let me take hubby’s phone if it rings. Only he can pick it up. Infact when the phone or the doorbell ring, we almost trip over them in the race to reach the phone/ door.

Ojas tried to pull out the full length mirror off the hook. I scolded him and he acted as if he was crying- put his fist against the eyes and said uuu uuu.

Ojas reminds us to put his seat belt / potty chair belt for him

Both have stated preference for George brand of feeding bottle and not Avent.

Beginning of toilet training- This weekend they informed kakka just seconds before doing it rather than after. “keeping my fingers crossed”

Meanwhile, baby brother R is a big guy- he has got a job in TCS- 1st interview ever attended.


Lavs said...

Ojas & Tejas have grown up so much. Btw, did I tell you that I have bookmarked your posts about weight management….My hunt for gym starts from tomorrow…am collecting back ground information now……Your posts are helping me at the right time…Thanks for the same.

artnavy said...

wow - congrats to brother R

good to see kids grow- but sometimes i feel too fast na?

rayshma said...

congrats to R!
and fingers crossed for u! :D

Lavs said...

Thanks so much for your kind words at my blog. I am staying at vadapalani hence looking for a gym in and around that area. Also we are looking at starting a if i go for gymming, then I am not sure how feasible it would be for a pregnant woman to continue gymming....that's why my query about what happens if we quit it midway?lots of similar doubts...I hope you do not mind me pestering you on this subject...

Shome said...

Ojas and Tejas... This is the second set of twins I know who have that name... Its a record of sorts.. in my life that is..