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Friday, June 01, 2007

Factual Fiction- Examination

How come I see all happy faces coming out of the examination hall?
How come the worry is not apparent on their faces?
No tension on how they fared?
No perplexed looks on the out-of-portion questions.

Am I the only one who found the question paper challenging and the questions out of syllabus?


Just like that said...

;-D appraisals going on..??

itchingtowrite said...

JLT- no!! no appriasals for me till end of the year- joined here just 6 months ago
Just remembered how i used to feel coming out of engg entrance exams and how i used to search teh faces for any signs of dismay at the Q paper

SM said...

Everyone has their game face on..yeah I aced it..while in reality they will trudge back to their rooms and shed tears.

Poonam said...

I so agree with you! I felt like that for some years during Engg. and then gave up! I figured I hadn't studied enough or was confident for the wrong answers! hahahah!

I enjoy your Factual Fiction segments.

Keep them coming. :)


Ruchika said...

Thats an interesting series you've got going here.. I'm looking forward to the learnings in the gym too!

This particular one about exams is quite something almost everyone can relate to.. Nice one..

Noodlehead said...

i'm on maternity leave when my appraisals are going on :-D looking for to the learnings at gym!

The Kid said...

I was offline for a couple of weeks and you written a lot! you got a nice series going on here :)

Priya said...

ya know, strangely enough, I never did worry about the exam after it's over. It was always worrying *before* the exam! :-)