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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ojas & Tejas- Antics

1. Tejas mimicked a yawn, eyes half closed and all. Ojas improvised by adding a little sound – awww to it and also covering his mouth
2. Ojas pissed on the floor. He came running and picked up the mop, sat on the haunches and using both his hands, wiped off the piss – quite neatly, to his credit. Thank God he is not using the kitchen cloth to clean up now. Normally he likes to get praised for his good work but this time he nonchalantly walked away
3. Ojas noticed the mess Tejas had made (shit) and said cheee. He then helpfully got a newspaper to clear it away.
4. They love mangoes- they like to scoop it out of the skin or pick small pre-cut pieces.
5. I gave both of them a piece each of dosa. Ojas ran off to the living room while Tejas tried opening the vessel drawer. I scolded him and asked him to go and eat and not remove vessels from the drawer. He insisted and sensing a tantrum I let him open the drawer. He wanted a bowl to eat the dosa. He noticed that Ojas did not have one and he came back and quickly gave him a bowl. It has become a practice for them to take a bowl and a spoon and eat whatever I give. Tejas is the police here. He ensures Ojas gets a bowl too.
6. I gave them each a milk bottle. They immediately began irrigating the sofa with it. The moment I turned around and said aaayy, in unison they stuffed the bottle into their mouth.
7. They have finally discovered how to use the straw for drinking rather than chewing at it.
8. New words learnt- apple, chaabhi (key), teeth
9. More parts of the body learnt-head, teeth
10. On command of Toes to Nose- they sit and take their toes to their nose
11. Ojas noticed Tejas did not have a nappy- the plastic one with a cloth lining and velcroed together. He removed his nappy, neatly (?) arranged the nappy and the cloth lining and called Tejas- Baah, baah. Then pulled him towards himself by his shirt and pointed at the nappy, unconcerned that it is he who needs the nappy too.


Just like that said...

ha ha ha totally totally loved and related to 6!!! the brats!

And the pic is cute.

Sunita said...

Joyce points to the place where she is done the job(su su)and will not leave me till I wipe it off and she goes "good good good" clapping after everything she does to please us.
Did Ojas come in first or second(I mean by birth?). between my twin sisters, the youngest(the one who came in last) was the one taking care or looking out for the elder one.

Moppet's Mom said...

What fun! They're the cutest.

priya said...

one word - absolutely adorable! - ok, that was two words. :-)

How do we know said...

makes my day, this one! :-)

The Kid said...

"they started irrigating the sofa"...

ha haha ha

that was funny :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Ojas and Tejas are so cute !
I got your message on writing from a twin's perspective - I will do it shortly :)

lumi said...

Too cute. Sounds like it's time to wean off the bottle to a sippy cup and make the boys sit on the pot at regular intervals 'til they go in the pot...just like housebreaking a puppy lol. M&M candies are great bribes for doing the deed in the pot. Making them clean up after themselves is good too. I finally had to just get rid of the diapers and training pants altogether to get mini-me trained up. She pissed herself a couple of times which she did not like at all. It went pretty quickly after that.