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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pending Homeworks- Tags to do- Book Speak

Tagged by Desigirl
To write about the Indian authors that I have read or would like to read

Interpreter of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri
Read it, loved it, got addicted to short stories. Very Indian and easy to picturise the story.

Discovery of India- Nehru
Use to enjoy the programme on Doordarshan and I except I would like to read it. But the moment I see the size of it, I resist. One day maybe.

Mahabharata- ??
I have read the Rajagopalchari version but feel it lacks in many minor details/ side stories which links to the main one. The complete version by whoever has written would be great. But smething devoid of the sanskrit. I want it in plain vanilla hindi or english and in a readable format. The only setback is everytime I read any story of Mahabharata, I imagine the people who played the characters in the serial. That really distorts things

Ruskin Bond
I love the way he writes. Very un-glamourous, realistic and down-to-earth. Currently reading the omnibus and it contains a set of wicked tales with unusual twists.

Wise & Otherwise- Sudha Moorty
Stories and incidents that makes one think but after a time became monotonous and very "I -mode".

Inheretance of Loss
Heard a lot, read the reviews but not yet got round to reading it.

Village by the Sea - Anita Desai
Text book in school. A story of a village boy whose village is taken over by the factory and the subsequent colonisation. how he gears up and adjusts as per the current situation

Authors of Amar Chitra Katha, Nandan, Chacha Chowdhry, Champak etc
Credit to them to make me addicted to reading. Cannot imagine a childhood without them. They fuelled my imagination and gave me an idea of the rich heritage of India- Myth, Geography, History you name it...

Shobha De
Like the columns that she authors and the books are enjoyable- sleazy at times though

Arthashastra - Chanakya
I want to read this one- explore the genius of Chanakya

I tag specifically Fuzzylogic, Orchid, SM, Artnavy & Apu and anyone else who would like to take it up


Just like that said...

If you liked Interpreter.. you should like Ladies Coupe too, by Anita Desai.

rayshma said...

i've got a copy of inheritance of loss with me.. still getting down to reading it. i've now become quite a fan of indian authors. have loads of fave books! liked ur list. :) have u read maximum city by suketu mehta?

multisubj yb said...

You may be interested some bits from Ramayana, which are not covered by other authors:
If you are an admirer/critic of Vivekananda you may like to see

lumi said...

I heeded the challenge on my blog lol. Not bad for a gori IMO.

Shome said...

Flinging a bit of advice your way - avoid the Arthshastra. Its the most boring thing on earth. It eads like the Exim Policy of India. All the intriguing Machiavelian Genius image that I had for Chanakya was vaporised after the first few chapters.

Suki said...

Hey, which of your tags did you recommend me? I think the link didn't appear in full. :).

I like all of them, though!