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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holistic Weight Management- The Diet Chart

Weight Management Paradox
The day your scales are kind to you, you bravely tell the dietician- how come I lost weight, I had chicken and mango both.

The day you gain, you hide that you had non veg all the 3 meals and 2 samosas.
‘what is this, I am gaining instead of losing, after all the hard work.” You hope she sympathises and does not question you too deeply on your day’s diet. You don’t want to be scolded again for the lapse
The attempt should be to bring about a change in lifestyle rather than a short term change to last during the weight loss period only. If the aim is to restrict only during the weight loss phase, the tendency is to put back as much and more than what was lost. The overall idea is not to stop one from eating but educate and train the body to eat what is right and the right quantity.

1. Instead of 3 large meals, one should take 6 small meals.
-The body handles smaller amounts of food better than big meals at one go. If the quantity is limited, it is more likely to use the energy contained in the food, rather than store it as fat.
-Taking small meals provide fuel to keep the digestive system working and metabolism fired up throughout the day and prevents the body from slipping into fat storing mode
2. The objective is to get a good mix of carbs, protein, vitamins, fibre. A sample diet schedule -(for me- you need to check with your dietician)
Breakfast- cornflakes/ oats/ upma/ dosa without oil/ idly
Midmorning- tender coconut/ fruit/ vegetable juice
Lunch- 1-2 glasses of cold water, Cup of salad, 2 roti, vegetables, daal, buttermilk. The water, buttermilk and salad will help you control the food quantity to near ideal
Afternoon- milk/ coffee with 2 biscuits/ wheat rusk
Evening- fruit
Dinner- before 7.00- 7.30 pm- soup, salad, wheat bread- 2-3 slices/ roti & salad/ veggies/ oats

Ensure you take 12-15 glasses of water. Can also include the tender coconut, juice in the tally.

Non veg is restricted to twice a week and not in the night. Ayurveda mentions that non-veg takes 48 hours to digest. Also it has no fibre and high amount of fat. Proteins require much more energy than carbs to digest but since one sleeps after dinner the whole thing gets absorbed into the system as fat if eaten at night.

Fruits, salads, oats give fibre.
Sugar free/ cholesterol free does not necessarily mean fat free so be careful of such products.
Tetrapack juices are not always good- remember the sugar added
Everything counts- yes that small piece of chocolate too.
Attain your target and then allow yourself one treat day in the week- not before that.
Cut the vicious cycle – the more you weigh, the more you feel like eating junk food/ high fat food. The more you avoid fatty food, the faster you attain your target and the lesser you feel like eating junk food.


Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Hi Itchy,

This cannot come at a better time for me. I went to KYM and my teacher suggested a similar diet and I was wondering how can one survive. Your post is a inspiration to me :)

So how did you feel the first few days or weeks when you started on that? Its just 3 days since I started this schedule and I feel extremely tired and almost hungry all through the day :(


itchingtowrite said...

infact i dont feel hungry. they recommend we keep munching thru out the day as evident form the chart. only thing u hav to munch right. I try to kep fruits which i like for salads with interesting sauces/ chutneys combined or some roasted snacks mixed in.. i do get tempted for somthing like chips/ aaloo bhujiya/ cakes/ chocolates..i love the reliance fresh whole wheat bread- try that ..

Lavs said...

My doctor has advised me to eat only fruits in the morning....Uncooked food in the mornings, fully cooked food in the afternoon and partially cooked food in the evenings. Also she has asked me to use whole grains like rice instead of refined flours!!Yet to start this plan due to SIL's marriage. Streamlining my house for this project(weight loss)

Lavs said...

I will shortly write to you about tweaking the blogger template..hang on

Anonymous said...

Your posts are helping me get on track. I lost 9 last year and had started to look good, after my month long vacation in Bangalore I ended up gaining 4 kgs :(. I have started my diet and exercise regime, hope to lose the weight in the next month or so. Youa re absolutely right, eating 6 small meals is the guide to weight loss.


Sue said...

I'd have thought that the Deadly Duo were enough workout for you... my own singleton suffices for me, god knows!

Alan said...

Itchy, Art and Lavs:

This is off topic but I didn�t see an email address on your profiles. I see from Google News India that my old ship the USS Nimitz is scheduled to make a port call in Chennai, accompanied by a lot of brouhahah. Perhaps a blog post on the ship�s visit from a local point of view would make interesting reading. I would find it interesting at least.

Asha said...

your weight management posts are already motivating me for the post-natal weight loss. i just hope that the motivation will stay. else i will get back to you for inspiration. :)