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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Holistic Weight Management- Metabolism is King

Weight Management Mantra
Mom is no help either
Mom- Look at you, how much weight you are putting on. You should try to reduce.
A month later,
Daughter- no I will not eat dessert or parathas or poori. I am trying to lose weight
Mom- What kind of weight loss program this is. It does not let you eat what you like?
Metabolism- Defined as the chemical reaction that occurs in living cells- the basis of life. An example is breaking down of food and making it absorbable for the living cells.
In weight management terms, the faster your body metabolises the food, the lesser the food gets absorbed into the system as fat.

Obese people have a tendency to have sluggish metabolism. You might even observe that there are a set of (thin) people who eat much more than you in quantity but do not put on weight. A reason could be high metabolism of the body.
The tendency is to skip a meal mostly breakfast or starve the body. When one does that, the body thinks- ‘oh my God, she is trying to starve me. Let me shut shop, slow down and store food. And thus the little food we have taken gets absorbed into the system.
Instead trick the body in the following ways-
The ways to speed up the metabolism-
eat breakfast early so that the body gets the fuel to metabolise. If you stay hungry till brunch the digestive system wastes half the day in idling away and therefore your calorie deficit is not created.
eat 6 small meals- keep the body fuelled for metabolism to continue
Exercise- cross train – cardio, weights etc so that the body changes gear as per the intensity and type- keep it guessing basically.
Steam/ sauna
Ways to trick the body to keep the metabolism going the entire day

1. stand instead of sit while talking on the phone
2. stairs instead of elevator
3. Go to the colleague’s desk instead of talking over phone or e-mailing.
4. vary the quantity and type of food each day- eat more one day and less the next day. The body will maintain the inertia and burn as much as it burnt the previous day, not realizing that you have slowed down on the fuel.
5. Guzzle water- lack of water slows the system
Basically look for ways to keep moving and fidgeting instead of sitting still.


~nm said...

Ohh boy! You had to post this just now..yeah?? Exactly when I was planning to go out with my office colleagues for a Hot Chocolate Fudge! Bwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Reading your post stopped me right in my tracks and I said to myself "Forget the damn HCF!"


*sob* *sob*

artnavy said...

poor nm

itchy- informative - i will blame it on the metabolism then

on teh cryign write up- i guess u r right but u know what it tears my heart when any baby cry- even before i had a baby

Honey Bee said...

I liked you Point No. 1:. stand instead of sit while talking on the phone.

have already started trying

Just like that said...

Lol Poor nm indeed! I empathise.

Mothers are truly so contrary aren't they? Ha Ha

Have never had to worry about my weight except for a period after my appendectomy,when I went from 56 (before) to 66 (11/2 yrs after)
Even during my 9th month, my bulge was just that - a gentle bulge...
But now, am getting that dreaded pear shape.. Shiver.. need to do something, but am so lazy.. and you people WILL blog so delightfully... and I WILL sit and read...

lumi said...

You have my mom was was blessed to be a thin 135lbs most of her life. I inherited the slowest metabolism in the universe and she used to say the same kinds of things to me. Finally I told her that she wasn't being helpful when she said those things and she stopped.

lumi said...
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Anonymous said...


I have been a silent reader of your post for sometime, I really like your style of writing....
Short and crisp...
Really wonderful!!

Do keep posting..


Asha said...

the mom-comment is a masterpiece. every mom is like this. even relatives get on the last nerve with such comments. one time they will say, "you have to take care of your weight. being over-weight is not good for health". and then when you turn up at their place for lunch/dinner, they will feed you as if there is no tomorrow!!

theanalogkid said...

@itchy - its time to change ur blog theme. am booooored with it :)
change change change faaasht...
n say hi to 2 tejas n ojas..

theanalogkid said...

@itchy - its time to change ur blog theme. am booooored with it :)
change change change faaasht...
n say hi to 2 tejas n ojas..

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

those tips are extremely useful. i too have felt - when i don't take any ghee, oil or eat sweets - i am obese and my hubby who eats all of them lavishly is very thing.

I will try to follow that early brakfast and standing while talking :)