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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I have been a mean mamma and unplugged the set top box.

Day 1- cribbing, TV Dekhna hai

Day 2- start looking at other things to do. Basically I pad. Also try to repair the Tv, search for possible connection hitches while my heart beats hard. As I have lied to them that the Tv does not work. It is so much easier doing that than be kind or honest.

Day 5 - start looking Beyond the iPad, drawing, messing, eating, playing, talking to each other, sometimes ask for the tv, reading, play the keyboard

Day 7 - no visible signs of missing the tv. Extremely busy doing projects like collecting and pressing leaf to make a fossil, not bothered about iPad.

I guess it is a vicious cycle. Ou watch tv, then you get addicted to things moving without effort and then when someone forces you to switch off, you use something else to engage you like phone or iPad and basically you don't want to actively use your brains.

Agreed the kids watch tv at MiL's home but they have kind of accepted that the home tv is not working and I believe that the amount of tv they watch with the mil is more than sufficient.

I am hoping one day they will stop depending on tv at all for their entertainment,
Until now it served a purpose. It helped them learn beautiful Hindi and sometimes they make he dumb useless things that mr maker makes. But apart from them it was plain idiot box.

And honestly, it is easy for me because I don't watch tv. I do miss looking at the news but then if I watch, my kids will want to watch. There is a flip side but I am living with it.

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~nm said...

Awesome! Loved your determination.

I also want to try that out but I feel it won't work as Anirudh doesn't have a playmate his age. So only for little time he will manage to play/do things on his own.

But I must try this out for sure.

Sumana said...

I do not watch TV either, Would love to do this. But the IL's get bored and not sure how the little fella would act after he lands at home and i am at work.So taking it easy. And ofcourse it needs a good cooperation from the better half as well.

Comfortably Mom said...

The hubby and I grew up without TVs, we simply didn't have a set in our houses. Not that we missed it for one second. He was happy with his books, I was busy falling off trees and fishing in streams.

Now that our son is 9 months old, we have established a No TV rule in our apartment. That suits our baby just fine... all he wants is our smartphones. He screams at the top of his all too impressive lungs if I don't let him watch videos on the phone, especially if the videos are of him playing.

So far hiding the phone hasn't worked. Gotta come up with a battle plan for this one.

Arjun Jain said...

Awwwwwww… Such cute babies and just love the way they dance