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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Role Play

The other day Ojas was having a tantrum. He wanted Tejas and their friend R to play cricket and allow him to bat throughout. And that is a tall order but in all fairness the two did not let him bat the previous day so he wanted a compensation.

While Ojas may be right, but one cannot force the others to comply so I did a demo for them.

I told R & Tejas to do a role play.

I prompted R on what he should speak and Tejas was allowed to freely react to what R was saying.

Act 1
R- Can we play cricket 

Tejas- Yes

R- (shouts)- I want to bat only.

Tejas- shouts back- No, i want to bat

Act 2

R- Can we play cricket 

Tejas- Yes

R- politely- Will you let me bat please

Tejas- Yes

This simple exercise helped Ojas understand how to deal with the situation. And also that only he is responsible for how the other person behaves with him.

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~nm said...

That was such an awesome way to deal with it!