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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Post of 2013

It has to be resolutions..

Weight Loss- eat healthy, gym effectively, focus on interval training, yoga, pranayam, surya namaskar, variations in exercises. 

Keyboard- continue and practice hard. And get the finger movements perfect.

Quality time- with the children. Make a timetable for them and follow it meticulously. Read a story everyday to the kids. I really want to do this one activity without fail.

Read- as usual and more than ever. This is one mindless activity I am allowed to have even though at times I feel this is an activity that doesnt help me gain something tangible because i never read the so called intellectual book. Pure fiction. It is one activity that has been my first and only love, something for which I always find time and excuse to pursue. Without fail. In fact if I don't have my reading time even a single day, I get very very cranky.

Write- or rather blog more. Just a way to collect my thoughts together. Blog even if no one seems to be reading it especially considering the lack of comments. I just hope I make a difference to some reader out there. 

Dress - better. No sloppy days at all. It is particularly difficult with Indian clothes I feel. The stitching is never perfect. There has to be some thread lose or a button threatening to fall off. I have to discard those clothes that show even a little bit of those signs. 

Time Management- since I decided not to go ahead with keeping a cook considering that the same doesn't justify with the little amount I need to cook and the additional headache of dealing with absenteeism is not worth it, I have to compensate by running a tight ship even if it makes it seem regimental. I want to keep it simple and stupid all the more and reduce too many steps or complicated processes in a single activity. 

Discipline- particularly the kids. I have a long way to go but I need it done my way now. Whatever mess they make, they clean themselves. No matter how much time it takes. The effort of disciplining them have been so tedious that I have been picking after them all the time. It is not  going to work anymore. It is not sustainable at all. The fact that Weekends are regimental has helped in a way. They barely have time between classes to make a mess in the first placeband all of us are driven by the common goal. But before I get too happy, it hardly takes them five minutes to create a most wild, blood pressure raising, screaming fit enducing, migraine triggering mess in their room and beyond. 

Declutter- without mercy. Without emotions. The last round of toy chucking has really simplified my life. Even of I have space u have decided not to cramp every available space with toys. And all logistical nightmare toys to be thrown far away but not before I note the name of the item down so that I can gift similar item to the persons who gifted that to my kds. Seriously. Who gifts battleship to monsters like my kids?


Anonymous said...

I read ur Blog..comment sometimes but READ plz dn't stop posting n blog more.- Mini

Itchingtowrite said...

Thanks Mini!!