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Friday, January 04, 2013

Beware the Blogger Observes - Apartment Complex Woes

Unfortunately in the last few years, a few characters have sprung up in the apartment complex who used to be dormant all these years. If they were not so annoying, they would have been hilarious and would have provided a lot of entertainment value but since some of us are at the receiving end of such behaviour, it is not funny at all. Considering that we have to live here for the major part of our life.

Here I make the list of behaviours I found annoying and you be my judge...

1) I am not sure where you got the notion that if a kid's ball falls in your much neglected garden, it becomes yours. Would you take the same view if let us say accidentally I drop my bag of trash in your garden. Will you embrace it with as much alacrity as you do the ball. And what the hell are you going to do with that huge bag of balls that you have stored in your house. I am not surprised a kid called you a robber (mine if anyone is wondering)

2) so now you of all people want to organise Republic Day celebrations. When the last 8 years, you have never joined the flag hoisting even, forget celebrations. You were so disrespectful towards the flag that you would walk off in front of it without caring to stand for them2 minutes he national anthem was sung. You used to watch the movie screening from the reverse side hanging from your balcony but not deign to come down and join we lower mortals. 

3) it is all very well of you to blame the first person you see, that is me, for leaving the lift door open. But did you once think that I live in the ground floor and therefore I do not need to use the lift. And neither do my maid since you then decided to blame my maid too in the same foul breath. By the way. I have her your s,all time actor daughter and wife both more quarrelsome than you, hit you the other day. Is it true?

4) everytime the new association sends the minutes of the meeting, it is not essential for you to praise them to high heaven trying to put down the previous committee. For your info, the online facility was set up by that same previous committee whom you are trying to insult.

5) I am not sure that keeping a manager for 3 times more salary and no extra benefit for residents is a smart thing to do. And if you really believe that it means no extra cost to the residents. Just think again. Long term.

6) so now my doing woodwork at my own one is a source of problem. Did you forget the time you were doing our woodwork. And I have been very decent about your washing dripping over my head and garden and the sari covering my balcony on a sunny day cutting my source of light or your kids' underwear that falls in my garden and gets mixed up with my laundry or your kid peeing from your balcony on my garden  or your wife scraping coconut from 6 am in the morning on her kitchen floor and giving me the creeps. And not to forget that your A/C drips on my A/c and creates a lovely rainy noise every day  and then messes up my plants as they get a more than their fair share of over watering.

7) ok I asked you to remove your pots from the parapet on the 2nd floor. Doesn't mean that you should ask me to remove mine from my garden parapet. 
A) the garden parapet belongs to me
B) one of your said pots fell from the top in my garden space, breaking my lovely terracotta decor. Well I thank my stars it did not fall on any of us. And I am not in a mood to experiment with that possibility. And yes, I have not forgotten, you quietly cleared away your broken pot without even apologising for the damage it did to my decor or the potential damage it could have done. 

8) is it necessary for you to practice car driving in the complex compound to take revenge with the parents whose kids play in the complex. 

9) remind me again why you have a problem with ladies sitting and gossiping in the complex

10) that small space between two cars parked at right angles is not a parking space. I repeat. NOT. It is a passage. Also the place outside the gate half way covering the back of my car is not a parking space.  And your parking space ends at the yellow line. Do not cross that line while parking. If you are so interested in my space, you are most welcome to exchange. 

11) you cannot stick notices on the freshly painted walls. Especially when you want to anonymously call for a meeting to discuss a certain set of people. Don't you think there is a danger of those people arriving at the meeting spot and then your identity will be disclosed? 

12) no that is certainly not the neighbour's clock that is too loud for your comfort. It is a church bell. 

13) association cannot investigate why your electricity bill is high this time. Don't you remember he slab rates got increased. And no the guy who gets your meter read or submits your electricity bill is also not to be blamed. Check with your high maintenance wife who keeps the a/c on all day long.

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