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Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Rudeness

The last time I checked, I wasn't declared deaf. 

So why do people think it is alright to come and scream at my door step.

I spoke the last time about some characters that have crawled out of the woodwork in my building.

Today one such character comes screaming for someone there at home.

Now this really alarmed me and I came rushing out notwithstanding my sprained foot.

She was agitatedly speaking on Tamil. As per my new year resolution, I plan to be zen and not get into arguments,  so I said slow down, and speak in English. 

She blames my children saying that I saw then hitting my child. So I asked my children what happened.

She says, don't ask them I saw them hit.

I apologised and she went her way and I tried digging further and the kids, all of them said my kids have not hit, they have just chased them because the girls were coming in their way disturbing their badminton play.

So I am not sure how that woman saw them hit her child, who actually doesn't hesitate to push and shove her own friends.

As per my new year resolution, I also plan not to take any crap from sundry people, so I called that lady's father. Tit for tat. She reported my children's so called bad behaviour to me so I report her bad behaviour to her father who is the resident in the building and a nice gentleman.

I apologised for my children's behaviour and at the same time expressed my feeling that it is not right for his daughter to come and scream at me because the children are quarrelling, I am not sure what prompts people to come and scream at other people's doorstep.

I am seriously appalled at their behaviour and wondering why the tolerance level in our building has suddenly become very low. 

And since when did mothers start interfering in children's fight. I don't remember my mom doing it and neither do I remember me doing it. My children were born and brought up in this building. They are the only ones whose milestones from birth has been celebrated here, and the residents have seen them grow up from birth. Some of them have seen them right in the hospital just a few days after their birth. In short, they have been woth us in our most precious moments. I would have a special place for children who have been born in front of my eyes.

Hey have been at an age where they were likely to be hurt by older children playing and I have taken care to steer them away and asked them to play in a corner. 

Today it is there day. They are old enough to lay right in the centre of the compound and I only wish that mothers who fear their children will be hurt may lease steer them slightly aside instead of blaming my children unnecessarily. 


How iphone said...

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Hip Grandma said...

Don't worry. There are plenty of such characters in the world. I have dealt with mothers who claim that their children were angelic incarnations who would not hurt a fly let alone other children. Angels ought to be in their heavenly abode. What are they doing here among lesser mortals I wonder!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...
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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

You have raised a valid point. I see even educated and well-to-do moms behaving very badly for trivial things and causing unnecessary issues just like you have mentioned here. As a kid, I never saw my parents interfering in children's fight. What you did is perhaps best because you took it to the right person in the right way without losing your cool.

I find it so disturbing to see how immature and trivial women turn issues into esp with regard to kids.

The Reading Corner said...

i am quite ashamed when i see my kids retaliate but usually they are provoked. and the other person ends up screaming loud and my kids get blamed... its annoying

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Arjun Jain said...

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