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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Huff Post

So I was part of the panel discussion on Huff Post today. the topic was based on the recent article

Could you sue your child for not visiting you enough

I got an invite to be part of the session via a google plus link and there I was in the studio, joining the debate with people from US from their homes via webcam and on the phone. Since the iPad audio was not very great, I was also on the phone and while I could see myself on the TV screen, my voice was being taken from my phone.

I was the first one to go live and also the last speaker and Ihad a great time being live on air and I didnt look too bad too considering it was 3 am and I had hastily done my face and hair a few minutes ago and I was surprisingly alert at that hour in the morning. 

A first for me!

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~nm said...

Way to go! And many more to you!!