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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Adventure in Lenses

I realise that after 3 plus years of wearing lenses, I have had all possible misadventures with them.

Apart from taking ages for my eyes to get used to the idea and therefore many red eyes and scratchy eye days later, by the time  I finally got the knack of doing it right, 3-4 months were already gone .

day 1 when I was wearing them, Tejas dipped his finger into the lens case and walked off caryying the lens stuck to his finger. He dropped it on the floor in the living room and I spent frantic minutes looking for them. 

Then I had my first misadventure. Constant red eyes. For a span of a month almost. Every 15 days I would valiantly attempt using lenses and they would get infected again. Many drops of Vigamox (my magic potion henceforth) and refresh tears later I finally got cured, never to take eye infections for granted. Especially because spectacles do not suit me at all!

Of course there was this mysterious lens falling while applying and I cant find it therefore wore a new one. By evening I found it stuck on the cupboard door.

Then there was a day I went to Mumbai and since  had slept on the flight I decided to refresh my lenses, rinse them and wear again. To my horror, I could not locate my lens in one eye. I scratched my eye balls out in vain only to realise I  must have dropped it while wearing. 

After that, I never wore lenses early morning while travelling. Always after reaching the destination. 

I have instances of the lens edges cut off in a neat half circle at the edge or lens edge tearing off or just disintegrating for no apparent reason.

I have also managed to wear my lens reversed and gone about doing my work wondering why it is bulging outward. 

I also learnt a lesson, never to talk while wearing the lenses and especially not to argue because I assumed I wore my lens until I reached more than half way to office and realised my vision was blurred in one eye. Of course the lens and fallen and got stuck onto the freshly painted cupboard.

And just yesterday, I removed one lens and filled the left lens case and shut it. In the dark of the night I rubbed my eyes because of discomfort and was wondering why do I feel as if I am wearing my lens. I shut my mind up saying of course you removed the lens. And this was one of day that I did not wash my eyes immediately after removing the lens as I was called out by someone. 

Morning I woke up feeling tired and I looked in the mirror to check if my eyes were red and to my shock I see the outline of my lens on my eye ball. 

No wonder my dreams were clearer last night!

But  as they say, every event is a learning but I could do without these crazy learning experiences. 


Rohini said...

Wow, you have managed to have more adventures with your lenses in three years than I have had in almost 20 years!!! I have slept in mine a few times but never have them tear on me and always found lost ones.

Itchingtowrite said...

ha ha!! i also found lost one in two cases but imagine finding them at the end of the day. totally useless