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Friday, January 11, 2013

Beware the Blogger Observes- in the Gym

1. Last one hour on the reclining cycle, cycling extremely slowly? why do you come at all?

2. Fake smile plastered on your face while doing EFX? Dont worry you will soon be panting for breath while doing treadmill. There, I told you so.

3. Have you come to the gym to exercise or to gossip as if you are at the nukkad? We dont want to hear your horrible voice in the background.

4. Excuse me, there is enough space all over the gym to lay the mat. Why do you have to squeeze in like sardines in such a way that my knees doing butterfly stretch will knock into your sides .

5. Will you like get up from that machine. Others need to use it too.

6. And while you do that, please wipe off that sweat from the machine.

7. Do not stand right next to the bar bell holder. How will others go to retrieve them for themselves.

8. Can you please wear the gym shoes once you are inside the gym and not wear them from your home.

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