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Friday, April 01, 2011

Swimming Day at School

The last 3 years I have been most curious to know what exactly they do in swimming classes at school.

The last couple of days I have seen just that. The school invited the parents to see what the kids have learnt.

While some kids needed the assistance of the swimming coach to traverse the 3 feet or so deep pool, many children did so without help, with the aid of the arm floats.

Some kids were really professional, diving through hoops and all. A result of additional coaching.

Skinny Tejas was ignoring us in the audience and doing his own thing- just treading water and in the baby pool after the mandatory one lap of the big pool was done. The teacher assured me that perhaps it was just one of the days when he doesn't want to get inside the water. The leg strokes were correct and he didn't seem scared of the water.

Ojas was sitting waiting for his turn, licking the water using his fingers from time to time and tried to escape notice by sitting among the kids who had already finished their lap. Ojas was most conscious and therefore nervous as he neared the audience side.His technique was right but he was swimming in the baby pool only on his own


Anonymous said...

Swimming classes are great exercise and fun for kids :)
Loved seeing them both enjoy swimming in their own way :)

Gayatri said...

- Cool :)
- Don't they like to swim?
- Have to get my lil fella into the pool this summer :D
- wish his school had swimming :(

Anonymous said...

I too enrolled for swimming classes with my daughter a month ago. And I forgot to attend 2 classes, I feel like killing myself..