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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wandering Falcon

Explore the forbidden lands of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran via Jamil Ahmad's Wanderign Falcon or Tor Baz which is also the name of the protagonist- a little boy who is born to parents who are on the run, to save their lives from their tribe. The fates take Tor Baz from one benefactor to the next, thereby moving the story forward. Tor Baz links the stories of the various tribes of these lands, their socio cultural intricacies and at the same time depicts that whatever may be the equation there, life moves on in this pre Taliban lands. These short stories carry the local flavour, evident that the author has an inside view of them. I loved the last story- it gave so many possibilities that one can sense that life moves on for Tor Baz- perhaps there is a feeling that he will no longer be teh wanderign falcon but is ready to settle? Read here a more detailed review. I recommend this as a must read. Publishing House- Penguin

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