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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Perfect Murder

Penguin classics have launched 4 books in the Inspector Ghote Series. The honest police detective from Mumbai, created by HRF Keating.
The Perfect Murder is the first mystery story in the series and has incidentally also been made into a movie - Ghote's character enacted by Naseruddin Shah.
Lala Varde, the hard nosed businessman is shattered- his secretary Mr Perfect has been hit on his head- the very same head that holds all teh numbers, his business secrets and the very core of his business.
Around the same time as this, there has been a serious case of theft- a Re 1 note from the Minister Mr Kamath's office drawer has been stolen.
As luck would have it, Inspector Ghote is assigned both and both are top priority- along with being the key resource for a Swedish scholar who is researching on Police methods in India.
While he seems to be a nuisance or a distraction in Ghote's work, he will eventually become his strong ally in detection.

We are taken through the delightful train of detection in this simple story. No suspense or thrill but a simple case of intelligent detection ad putting the facts together.
There are false trails, missed moments and then in a flash the case is solved.

Read on. You are going to enjoy it if you like books in tehe lines of No 1 Ladies detective Agency.

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thank you. Ordering now. :-)