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Monday, April 04, 2011

World Cup Enthusiasts

Even though they were not really watching the match but doing sundry other things, this gang of 4 were all set in the spirit of the game with their own India T shirts.

I should add, the dads were no better- except that they did watch the match on the huge screen put up in the complex for community viewing.

The community comprised the kids and a few enthusiastic ladies and gents- a small few as usual, or rather the usual few as usual!

I must add that I missed the grand finale because the kids chose that very moment to want to sleep and I spent a while hearing cheers after cheers trying to make the kids sleep, until I was awakened from slumber by a voice in the dark- what is that sound Mamma- I woke up to the fireworks and realized that the cup had come home.


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Award for you on my blog :)