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Friday, April 08, 2011

Trying for Size

Mamma- whose shirt is this? yours or Dadda's?
Tejas picks up t he shirt, shakes it open and holds it against himself. Looks at it critically and says- Dadda's!!

Me clearing my shelf- I come across a silk top smallish looking and wonder- whose is this?
I look at the size- S- definitely cannot be mine

I happen to see the age- 3-4 years
The penny drops


Jill said...

You made me laugh!

We have that conversation every week. The worst is when it is knickers and you are not awake. It's awful when you realise you are trying to put on your 8 year old daughters underwear!

Please drop over to our blog when you have a chance too!

eve's lungs said...

Only you, Itchy,only you ! "gasps and rolls on the floor"