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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Studies

The teachers adviced us to not stop the momentum during summer vacation and try taking them though activity books on English grammar. We picked up some thick workbooks on Grammar, vocab, science, maths.
I loved the way these books move forward at a slow and steady pace. Lets say vowels and consonants. You have practice sheets of just identifying and filling in missing vowels. And slowly the child is led to a or an or The.

We were trying to teach the kids the concept of nouns and as a follow through we played the much loved -name, place, animal, thing game.

Then there is mathematics- which has simple addition, subtraction to problem solving. On Saturday I had done double digit number additions with them.
Last night, I saw that I had skipped the <10 additions.
So as I was doing that with them, says Ojas- why are you doing easy ones? Give us difficult ones. I am truly impressed.
I am teaching them ways to do part mental calculations. the bigger number in the mind and smaller number on fingers. Rather than counting everything using toes and fingers or beads. They have picked it up pretty fast.
We learnt how plants grow from seeds and Tejas was eager to plant his mango seed to watch it grow- he basically voiced my thoughts. I was feeling quite lazy to do a demo of planting seeds but Tejas voiced it a couple of days later.

The danger of studying during holidays is not knowing when to stop. They are unstoppable ones they start learning and I do not want them to get bored in class 1.

I also need to get the writing in place because while Ojas has a beautiful handwriting, Tejas doesn't want to write.
Tejas is quick with mental maths whereas Ojas lieks to count it out even if he knows some of the calculations mentally.
So yes, we are in action- learning, absorbing and challenging ourselves, this summer vacation.


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