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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I Remember You

Harriet Evans' mega chicklit I Remember You is a typical "girl and boy are childhood buddies" story. Of course everyone knows they will end up as lovers but do they? In the usual straightforward fashion or is there a promise of twists and turns, roadblocks and issues. Meanwhile, there is another battle going on in the town. Are Tess and Adam, the protagonists as much caught up in this battle or do they have their own private battles to tackle? And where does the cranky old lady fit in the picture? Why does one feel a certain kinship with her even though she is how she is? It is a really long story for a chicklit. There are moments that are funny but it is largely a story with lots of seriousness. Intensity. There is conflicting emotions for Adam the hero- sometimes one wants to shake him up and tell him- be a man. Sometimes one wants to tell Tess, he is not good enough for you. And sometimes one agrees with the cranky lady- a shopping centre will bring more life to the city and create more opportunities for the residents than the heritage water meadow. So read on and see whom you agree with and what happens in the end. Also hop over to flashnewstoday for another review.

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