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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bangalore Calling

Another call centre book? Err, emm, ok, let me read. These were my first thoughts as I saw the book. But after the first chapter I was eager to move. Wondering at every point, so where does this lead to? What is this character's story? Will this loop close at the end of the book? 15 stories that does just that. Set in the backdrop of the call centre phenomenon, the lives of these 11 and more characters get entwined with one another. One person's cacophony is another person's music. The seemingly invincible CEO or even the resourceful Admin head both who are at the helm of affairs in their respective purview, have their own demons to beat. The insignificant maid has her own story and in her own way she has affected the life of one particular agent. There are links- one to one, one to many, many to one. One sees events happening in isolation and in the subsequent chapters, is taken back, zoomed out to see it in a larger context. Ultimately these stories blend into one big story, or perhaps a part of a bigger whole? Go on, read more details on in the new book review section

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