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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mice in Men

Can a single moment of truth or act of kindness or bravery change the lives and attitude of people for ever?

Apparently it does very little to rouse the unknown positive or sometimes even otherwise character traits of a simple, ordinary person.

Mice in Men by Anirban Bose, author from Ranchi (err my town), writes 10 tales of such men and women who rediscover their surprising character traits.

Bansuri Lal becomes Bahadur Lal in true sense, a psychiatrist finds himself at the receiving end, and despite the tempations of fate, an ordinary boy does something really and truly great.

A simple Balloon seller is at the recieving end of the largesse of a struggling doctor, or perhaps it is the other way round.

The world's greatest Oiban is perhaps autobiographical, a heartwarming story which I as a parent can identify with- to a child the parent is the greatest. And perhaps to a parent, that is all we care for? That is all the greatness we definitely want? Or rather, we cannot do without?

10 such tales with unexpected twists in the end.

Title- Mice in Men Author- Anirban Bose Publisher- Harper Collins Price- Rs 199

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