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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Karma Bites Me Back

We always took pride in our English speaking skills and would make fun of my Mom's and assorted aunts' Bihari English.

So yesterday was the day of retribution.

It took me a lot of unlearning to stop saying kan-gaaa-roo. But sometimes I do slip back into that mode and yesterday says Tejas-
Kangaaaroo? it is Kain-ga- roo Mamma!


dipali said...

Aisa hi hota hai!

Jill said...

Coming from Australia the funniest one I hear (everyday from Indian students) is...

"I want you to put it in the backside"

Now the correction would obviously be "on the back" but it always makes me smile!!

We have recently posted on tongue twisters on our blog, please drop over and havea look.
Are there any Indian ones you could add?