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Monday, March 07, 2011

Cousins in Community Bath

Just 2 Words
History Repeats!


Gayatri said...

- :D

Cuckoo said...


Sue said...

LOL This brings back such memories!

Anonymous said...

I showed this picture to my 10 year old step daughter and she laughed and said this is a very cute picture. I have two boys 9 years old and 7 years old. My step daughter loves to help with their baths. They are always doing the craziest things in the tub and they crack us up and make us laugh, and my step daughter thinks they are both cuties! She told me she loves it when it is time for their bath and she loves to watch the crazy things they do in the tub because it makes her laugh and puts a smile on her face. She is a big help and an angel because she saves me so much time, especially when it is time to get the boys ready for their bath and also helping with them in the tub and getting them dried off and blow drying their hair. Last night she got my 9 year old dried off and was blow drying his hair and he was standing in front of the mirror and started dancing and acting silly and she started laughing so hard I didn't think she would stop! It was so much fun to watch those two!