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Friday, March 04, 2011

Currently Reading

3 books parallely. One book on world myths & legends, another chiklit set in the US and the most gripping one - Chanakya Chants by Ashwin Sanghi which runs parallely between two eras.
I am really finding it difficult to fight the intertia while switching from one era to another or one country to totally another realm.
For the moment I reserve my comments on the books, they deserve a proper review not a sneak preview. Which is taking time because of the parallel processing that I am doing.
Chanakya chants- because I am eager to read that, and the rest because I need to finish them and return to the library!
So how do you read?
One book at a time until you reach the finish line?
Or multiple books at a time- if so how many can you easily manage?
How do you feel after reading one genre... you want to read more of the same or are you eager to switch to something totally different- I find myself virtually living in the time frame the book was set until a while!
How many people compete with you in the household for the same book- I am glad I have no competition in this regard though I would love to share the same book with someone else also so that we could have a good discussion on the books. It is fun when some girls from the neighbourhood drop by and discuss the latest books they have read. Makes me wish I had married atleast 5/6 years before I actually did and therefore I could have had a daughter in her tweens and we would be reading the same books and discussing clothes and TV serials and all that interesting things.
Ah well.
On another note, my Nokia N8 has arrived, courtsey J & C from Nokia. They have been extremely perceptive about my keen desire to possess the orange colour rather than the black one- err- courtsey that blatant post. They have invited me to participate in their phase 2 of promo activities and watch this space until I get a briefing on what I need to do and admire my phone too....


Gayatri said...

- Go Green they say...Am exactly doing that :b
- Am all green u got the orange :D
- what's the chiklit called...?

Itchingtowrite said...

THe wedding girl- sophie kinsella