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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Frog & Toad

R Mami gave the kids 2 books from the frog & toad series- frog & toad are friends & Frog & toad together.
These reader books are by Arnold Lobel and talk of everyday situations that all of us face.
Whether it is the cycle of eating, cookies in this case where frog & toad try their best to stop eating the cookies and keep saying one last piece and continue without stopping. Isn't it what all of us do- kids and adults alike?
Or the way our minds seem to go blank the moment our kids ask us for an impromptu story.
Or how we expect seeds to grow into plants the moment we plant them and then spend the next 3-4 days looking at the spot eagerly and the moment we stop looking- out props an entire bunch of saplings.
Simple stories that bring out the concept of hibernation or a habit of making lists and crossing outthe activities.
Fun stories that the kids enjoyed listening to. One of the few story books they have which consists of many chapter books in a single book.

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